Friday, February 22, 2008


With inspiration from one of my longest friends, I've decided to take her lead and start a blog. Besides, it'll keep me off face book (former addict here) and my space (another addict) and doing something more productive!

I've always tried to keep my family and friends up to date on my life (does anyone care) and here is another valiant attempt. I know pictures are fun and so are the many stories I have to tell you all from the 5 (soon) kids to be running around here.

The kids have this week off from school and I luckily am only stuck at home with 2 (3) of them! Connor went to Saskatchewan to spend time with his favorite Gramma and Grandpa- and I was informed I'm not getting him back for a while. He's been gone 2 weeks, and 1 less kid is LOTS less work. Alyssa is spending the week with her bestist buddy in the whole wide world that moved to Calgary this past summer. She been having a blast, and in face doesn't want to come home- she's movin in. Mason and Jameson are home with me, and it's been nice. We hit the movies, did some shopping, are going swimming. 2 kids is a cinch, you know? I thought baby girl might make her debut into the world last night, but contractions subsided about 2 am. I'm so TIRED today! I'm ready for her- but FIRST I have to load some songs on my ipod for the labor. Just a couple more days.

Jason has been working out of town for sometime now- we sort of miss him! Hopefully he'll get some time at home after baby comes along.

As, always it's been busy with me- kids and SCRAPPIN! I love it. I'm busy on a few scrap projects... which NEED to be done soon.

I hope everyone is *inspired* about my blog, just as I was when my friend started her!


Ben said...

We care! Keep bloggin sister! Love the updates!

DraperM said...

I am so excited!! I love to blog, well, most of the time. I am so glad to hear that you are doing so great. Looks good.