Saturday, January 24, 2009

~D is NOT an Option

So this is my blog... and sometimes a girl just has to get stuff off her chest and thats exactly what I'm about to do- if you have a problem with it- don't read- I don't really care cause IT'S MY BLOG!!!!

So recently a girl who used to be my friend... and I say friend lightly because I feel like it was a 1 sided relationship- meaning I used to babysit her kids ALL the time and she NEVER watched mine. I would always let het BITCH to me about how horrible and imperfect her life was and how TERRIBLE her husband was. I would sit back and listen and listen and listen somemore. I got so freaking sick of it. People- if your life is so bad DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Well the way that she did something about it was totally wrong. Way before she kicked her husband out of the house I feel like she used me to watch her kids as she was having an affair with her husbands best friend used to be best friend. Then once she did kick her husband out of the house that HE built with his own 2 hands he (the husband) was going to his best friend used to be best friend and venting and talking to him... well this best friend used to be best friend was running and telling the wife EVERYTHING that he said... Of course to me this looks like they were in cahoots trying to get him deeper into trouble

On a side note- the same weekend she kicked her husband out the best friend used to be best friend left his wife too- WTH (what the heck) is up with that? Premeditated?? I think so.

Anyway... I just wanted to write about a few personal problems that I have with this situatuon... Remember it's my opinion that I'm allowed cause IT'S MY BLOG!

See these 2 rings? I do not take them lightly... I also do not take the day that we exchanged these 2 rings lightly... I also cherish the vows that I said to my wonderful husband with my whole heart. Divorce is NOT an option. Ya sure he ticks me off and he does things that I don't appreciate- but the beauty of it? I tick him off too and do things he doesn't appreciate too! And you know what? We pick up the pieces and choose to love one and other no matter what. We choose to stay together and make it work. Through the Good, the Bad and The Ugly we are partners. We choose not to look for something better or something different. We choose to work on our relationship and we choose to love one another always.

Don't we look so happy on our wedding day? I know we will always look back on this day and know we can make it as long as we're together.

So regarding this issue- when did Divorce become so easy and when did it become a habit to flea a marriage and be recreational with other men (or women if your a man) I don't get it...

Let's bring our vows back into a marriage and WORK on it people...

*sigh* there we are...

I have to say I'm still happily in love and know because we are commited we will be together till "death do us part"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

~wordless wednesday

Friday, January 16, 2009

~something else just came to my crazy head

CANADA sucks when it comes to shopping. no one even freaking ships to canada... for pete sakes all I want it a back pack carrier to put my sweet wee one in and amazon.COM has the one I want but amazon.COM doesn't ship to CANADA and amazon.CA doesn't market or carry or whatever these things- sheesh.... I want a backpack carrier delivered to my door ASAP!

~kickin around some ideas.....

Not that I don't have enough on my plate- but I was just thinking of some ways that I could bring some income into our home on a more regular basis- So I've been deep in thought lately and am not sure with which direction to turn-

~I love photography and if I wisely did some photo shoots i could pull in some extra cash- I have a pretty good camera, some good lenses, and photoshop to edit- I just have to start with all natural light in the pics- ya know the out door types- And then as I supplemented our income I could buy a few things here and there to get my feet off the ground even more... oh and i also need to take a couple of photoshop classes... just to become better at what I love to do

~I'm a scrapbook maniac and i love it so much. I am currently making some invitations for a friend of mine that is getting married in may and someone else heard about this lil project I have taken on asked if I'd make up some examples and she'd possibly hire me to make hers- what an awesome thing- so I was thinking of going into small business making wedding invitations/b-day invites/and announcements... Just a thought

~ on that note I head about a store that is possibly looking into opening in Med. Hat- It's called M & M meats (kinda like schwans in the states for all you Yankee's) They sell super yummy food... well there is an oppourtunity to open one here and I think i'd really enjoy it.

I'm sort of throwing these ideas around because I really want to go into business for myself someday- I always thought I wanted to be a teacher- but really I want to own my own business...

anyway- so my heart has been heavy and I've been weighing my options. Hopefully the light will come and I'll see it all clearly soon!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

~wordless wednesday- better late than never!!!

This is what we do on a COLD wintery day in southern alberta!!! How fun!

Monday, January 12, 2009

~Up on her very tip toes

Life has been so crazy hectic lately and I haven't been very good at keeping up on my blog. But I am going to try harder to be on top of things! I'm getting pretty computer savy when it comes to creating things lately. I've made 1 hockey program, am working on #2. I've made some wedding invitations- have some lines on some others, Am helping make a guest book for a wedding and my baby girl is ALMOST 1 year old and I need to get a jump start on the invitations as this is the last first birthday party that I get to throw. So busy is my middle name lately, but I will get caught up!

Little Kalrey is of course growing like a weed, and I can't take it much more. Seriously she HAS got to slow WAY down. I caught her the other day in the bath room peeking over the tub as I was running a bath for her- she got WAYYYY up on her tip toes to peek in anticipation of the fun times about to come in the tub! I of course caught these super cute shots! Enjoy...

I'm going to try to do my wordless wednesday's again... and I know just the shots that involve... snow, jason, the boys, and the hot tub! It's gonna be a hoot!

So, until wednesday- chow!

Friday, January 2, 2009

~Welcome 2009!!!

We had a wonderful 2008- and the ending was amazing!!! We spent Christmas in Crooked Lake Saskatchewan- which has become one of my favourite places in the whole wide world (besides my mom's house and my bed!). The pace of life there is so much different than at home. No one can bug me; my MIL takes total care of me (Bless that woman for loving on me like she does); and I simply RELAX (which doesn't happen in my life very often anymore).

I mean who wouldn't love this place??? Isn't it simply beautiful?

The night before we left for the lake we saw SANTA! What a man I tell ya... the kids he chats with year after year and he still is so full of glee and ho ho ho's year after year! This is only the 2nd year that Alyssa has ever sat on Santa's lap and she is not one bit afraid anymore. And of course sweet little Karley loved him too!

Santa brought Karley whatever she wanted because she is so darn cute and had such a great conversation with him!

Anyhow- Christmas was simply fabulous... the eve was spent with family. Karley made the trip into town to see Great Grandpa with Mommy and Auntie Angie- it was so awesome! Grandpa was concerned when we left that I wouldn't be bringing "that baby" back to see him! Of course we came back to see him later in the week.
Auntie Angie planned her crazy games that she always does and it was SO much fun! We were wishing Auntie Marina was there to play them with us, Next time??

The kids decorated the "older" cousins as Christmas trees... That was a hoot and so much fun! And of course this being Karley's first time at the lake for Christmas she got to play the oven mitt game (where a present is wrapped about 100 times with PACKING tape and you have to roll doubles on the dice in order to get a chance to try to unwrap it while wearing oven mitts and a silly toque). Of course there were more games to be had... but these are just a few to mention...

Speaking of mentioning... did I tell you how much I enjoyed my R-n-R at the lake? And did I mention that one of the favourite foods my MIL makes is 7 layer salad? And did I mention that she made it for me 4 times while I was there? Man o Man was it YUMMY!!!

Christmas morning was C-R-A-Z-Y in the cabin! There were 20 people ripping open gifts! There was paper everywhere- you could not believe how deep it was! To top that off there were 5 dogs hanging around too!! I wish I had a picture to show you how crazy it was... Of course this scrap-booker was rescuing her 9 month old from getting buried under all the mess... so no pictures were being taken.

Soon after the gift opening there was a clearing out and all that was left was my crew, Uncle Warren and Grandma and Grandpa. There was some money to be won at cards and just in case you were wondering- Jason won most of it- was Frank ever upset (I don't know why- he won sometime like $200 and then some on the lottery in which Karley drew his ticket number- LOL ).

We rounded out the week with Ice fishing, sledding, and quality family time! It was wonderful! Mason missed out on the festivities of the rest of the week as the lucky duck got to spend a week in Calgary skiing on the big hills with some friends- so of course he's missing from a lot of these pictures. Enjoy these last few pictures and I wish you and your a prosperous 2009 with much more blogging updates from me!

** oh- so you know, I just spent over an hour getting this blog ready to post- and I thought being a smartie pants that I'd use my option in word to create this blog and then be able to SAVE it- man o man I wont make that mistake again- It didn't copy it over even close to how I had it formated in the program.... UGH!! I hope you guys appreciate this! **