Saturday, January 24, 2009

~D is NOT an Option

So this is my blog... and sometimes a girl just has to get stuff off her chest and thats exactly what I'm about to do- if you have a problem with it- don't read- I don't really care cause IT'S MY BLOG!!!!

So recently a girl who used to be my friend... and I say friend lightly because I feel like it was a 1 sided relationship- meaning I used to babysit her kids ALL the time and she NEVER watched mine. I would always let het BITCH to me about how horrible and imperfect her life was and how TERRIBLE her husband was. I would sit back and listen and listen and listen somemore. I got so freaking sick of it. People- if your life is so bad DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Well the way that she did something about it was totally wrong. Way before she kicked her husband out of the house I feel like she used me to watch her kids as she was having an affair with her husbands best friend used to be best friend. Then once she did kick her husband out of the house that HE built with his own 2 hands he (the husband) was going to his best friend used to be best friend and venting and talking to him... well this best friend used to be best friend was running and telling the wife EVERYTHING that he said... Of course to me this looks like they were in cahoots trying to get him deeper into trouble

On a side note- the same weekend she kicked her husband out the best friend used to be best friend left his wife too- WTH (what the heck) is up with that? Premeditated?? I think so.

Anyway... I just wanted to write about a few personal problems that I have with this situatuon... Remember it's my opinion that I'm allowed cause IT'S MY BLOG!

See these 2 rings? I do not take them lightly... I also do not take the day that we exchanged these 2 rings lightly... I also cherish the vows that I said to my wonderful husband with my whole heart. Divorce is NOT an option. Ya sure he ticks me off and he does things that I don't appreciate- but the beauty of it? I tick him off too and do things he doesn't appreciate too! And you know what? We pick up the pieces and choose to love one and other no matter what. We choose to stay together and make it work. Through the Good, the Bad and The Ugly we are partners. We choose not to look for something better or something different. We choose to work on our relationship and we choose to love one another always.

Don't we look so happy on our wedding day? I know we will always look back on this day and know we can make it as long as we're together.

So regarding this issue- when did Divorce become so easy and when did it become a habit to flea a marriage and be recreational with other men (or women if your a man) I don't get it...

Let's bring our vows back into a marriage and WORK on it people...

*sigh* there we are...

I have to say I'm still happily in love and know because we are commited we will be together till "death do us part"


Rachel said...

AMEN SISTER!! You nailed that one on the head. I also don't get the divorce rate that is quickly getting higher. Are people so lazy that they decide it's easier to move onto another "mate" then to actually work on their marriage... People!!

Carrie said...

I agree, divorce is a scapegoat for the lazy, uncommitted, McDonald's generations that are use to instantaneous gratification. If only I could say that to my therapy client's faces...that would bring me instantaneous gratification : )

Oh, and I LOVE your ring photo and you and your husband are adorable.

Michele said...

Good for you! I agree. Thanks for snagging my button. I didn't realize it was so bit. I'll have to work on that. New button, ya know. :-)

Rachel Ann said...

Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day last week. I appreciated all the bloggy love! Sorry I'm so long in returning the favor!!!

Yarngoddess said...

That was a GREAT rant! Really! I could almost hear your voice! Now, granted this is YOUR blog and you are entitled to your opinion...but can I agree?

Your "friend" sounds lik quite the person. I really hope that life gives her exactly what she's given out- and I hope that her children come through this whole SAD, NEEDLESS situation with some love and sense still intact.

YOU- you are an awesome friend to continue to be her friend even though she was using you for day care! She has NO shame- to betray herself, husband, children, her whole family, her friends- including you!, and who know else! WOW.

I just don't understand people. I don't understand how they can take a marriage and throw it away as easily as a gum wrapper. It's like the person they marry holds no real value. It's like NOTHING is worth real honest work. Not marriage, not birth, not children...not anything anymore.

I am glad that there are still people like You and your husband, and Me and mine to prove that not ALL the world has gone insane.

You look SO beautiful in your wedding picture! "Devil in a red dress!!!"-except you are as sweet as an angel!