Thursday, August 28, 2008

Uh.. I'm Alexa... and I'm addicted to Guitar Hero

Yep, plain and simple I bought a WII and I LOVE guitar hero! someday I'm going to be good at it. And While I'm sitting there strumming the notes, I like to pretend I'm famous and really on stage and am really good and every one knows me and I'm rich and I'm famous and when I wake up from my guitar hero dream it's not all so true, I'm still just me a mommy who is EXCITED for school to start again! WOO HOO! Guitar Hero here I come!

Monday, August 25, 2008

... a little COWBOY in all of us

for auntie marina...

There once was a little boy named Connor... and the rest is history. THE END

** actually... Connor was a sheep rider at Grammy and Papa's and yes, the history is in the pictures. He rode- 3 times to be exact- and never once cried. All he lives for lately is to be a cowboy and do all the cowboy things. We had to make him start with sheep, because this cowboy thought he should start with bulls. Connor made a lot of people proud as he became the first offical rough stock rider out of our 5 kiddos!!**

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Holiday Highlights

We're home from 2 weeks of fun fun fun! As always it was so relazing to be at home and be totally taken care of by my parents. Now it's back to reality- but I wanted to share a few of the many highlights of out trip!!
Mommy and Karley had LOTS of fun swimming in Grammy and Papa's swimming pool that papa made as warm as a bath!!! FUN!!
Jameson got to hang out with his 2 all time favorite girls!! *He really missed Karley and asked me at one point (while K and I were still in Canada) if Karley was still a baby!*
Uncle John's dog Scooter had baby puppies 2 days before we left- Alyssa was in HEAVEN!
Miss Motor- the cat who ALWAYS has kittens for Alyssa had 7 of the furry things while Alyssa was there! She was more than happy and was outside seeing the kittens more than 1 time a day! *I got into BM REALLY late on friday night and didn't get to see A or J before they went to bed, and in the morning just as the sun was rising Alyssa bounced into my room to drag me out to see the kittens!*

Connor got to see his HERO (really this is no joke and very serious stuff- being a hero) and even ride a sheep while Uncle Nick heled him!! Karley also got to meet Uncle nick! Connor got to go fishing on Papa's boat and catch some big fish!!!

Alyssa and Jameson got to meet thier cousin Greyson (the baby) and celebrate his 1st birthday with him!
Alyssa and Jameson spent a jam pack fun filled week with Grandma and Grandpa Igarta in California!

**Mason has been in Sask. with Grandma and Grandpa Appell and Auntie Angie.... pics of his adventures to come!!**

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I *just* can't help myself!

If you saw this baby sleeping so peacefully wouldn't you WANT to crawl in bed with her too? Ya, thats what gets me every SINGLE time... I crawl in and peacefully just like her we sleep... I love her.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Where does the time go??

I really really love to blog.... but why is it that every time I sit down to write about our happenings, a little child interupts me! So, tonight I'm off to a BBQ and said I was going to update all my blog readers BEFORE I left! And YIPPEE I really am getting it done! And I still really really love to blog.

So, summer is half over. And I'm a little sad, but more glad. It's hard to be home all the time with 5 kids! Luckily, Alyssa and Jameson are off to the good ol US of A and I only have 3 here for the moment. My mom took them back to Nevada for a visit and Connor, Karley and I are heading that way soon. I'm excited to get the school shopping out of the way and to catch up with some old friends. While Alyssa and Jameson are visiting their grandparents in California I hope to catch up on some much needed SLEEP (if my mom will babysit??)!!!

Summer has been good to us, we have our patio poured in our back yard, and I think it's amazingly beautiful. When the garage is finished and we have our hottub, it will be so private, our own little sanctuary! Maybe next summer I wont want to go anywhere. We went to the stampede, which was lots of fun. I think next year we'll let the kids get arm band, because they only get to ride a couple of ride with their tickets and I'd love to watch thier excitement as they ride more.

I'm havign fun discovering more and more about the world of blogging, there is SO much out there!! It's becomming my little baby. And soon I'll post more pics of my photoshop work, if I EVER get it done!

I have so many pics that I want to share with you all that I added a slide show so you can see some of our summer fun.

Karley Mae is 4 months old I can't believe how the time is flying! The thing I notice most about her is the size of her feet. She wears a size 2!!! It's crazy. She is rolling over like crazy and gets so mad when she rolls from her back to her tummy and can't get back over. She will get it soon, I know it! I'm enjoying her so much. She is the best baby ever and we are so blessed to have her!