Saturday, August 23, 2008

Holiday Highlights

We're home from 2 weeks of fun fun fun! As always it was so relazing to be at home and be totally taken care of by my parents. Now it's back to reality- but I wanted to share a few of the many highlights of out trip!!
Mommy and Karley had LOTS of fun swimming in Grammy and Papa's swimming pool that papa made as warm as a bath!!! FUN!!
Jameson got to hang out with his 2 all time favorite girls!! *He really missed Karley and asked me at one point (while K and I were still in Canada) if Karley was still a baby!*
Uncle John's dog Scooter had baby puppies 2 days before we left- Alyssa was in HEAVEN!
Miss Motor- the cat who ALWAYS has kittens for Alyssa had 7 of the furry things while Alyssa was there! She was more than happy and was outside seeing the kittens more than 1 time a day! *I got into BM REALLY late on friday night and didn't get to see A or J before they went to bed, and in the morning just as the sun was rising Alyssa bounced into my room to drag me out to see the kittens!*

Connor got to see his HERO (really this is no joke and very serious stuff- being a hero) and even ride a sheep while Uncle Nick heled him!! Karley also got to meet Uncle nick! Connor got to go fishing on Papa's boat and catch some big fish!!!

Alyssa and Jameson got to meet thier cousin Greyson (the baby) and celebrate his 1st birthday with him!
Alyssa and Jameson spent a jam pack fun filled week with Grandma and Grandpa Igarta in California!

**Mason has been in Sask. with Grandma and Grandpa Appell and Auntie Angie.... pics of his adventures to come!!**


Rachel said...

So glad your back! Sounds like your holiday to the states was good for all. How nice to get away for that length of time.

Cute Photos! As always...


Rachel said...

I almost forgot I love Karley's swimsuit! C.U.T.E.!