Friday, November 28, 2008

~8 is great

Happy Birthday baby girl... I can only imagine why you think 8 months is great- but here are a few I could come up with:
1. You can get basically ANYWHERE you want and as fast as you want on all 4's- what more could a girl want?
2. You have your mommy wrapped right around your darling little finger.... All you have to do it crawl over to me, tug on my pants and say "mama" & up you go!
3. Food is so so so yummy, esp the good stuff that you can gum and swallow down as fast as your little heart desires! But your all time favorite is still plain ol mommy milk! ( i wouldn't want it any other way;0)
4. It's so thrilling to pull yourself up on the furniture and then look at everyone in the room so they can see you!
5. It's even more thrilling to hold on with only one hand (notice in the photo) and see the reaction you get out of mommy with the camera!
6. Christmas is just around the corner and you LOVE to get your sweet little hands on every decoration you possibly can.
7. Your big enough to sit big in a shopping cart (with a cover so you can't get all the germs!) and you love to hear your voice in all the cool stores as it echos!
8. Your still the apple of your families eyes and we love love love you more and more each day!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

~MIA- my life in a nutshell these last few weeks

So, the weekend of the birthday was wonderFUL!!! My fabulous inlaws came to visit for their birthday and stayed for a week! I, in the mean time, was off to the Good 'Ol US of A to get in some much needed retail therapy.... with my
MOM! Thats right, it was a girls only trip with my mom, Karley and I. It was so much fun! We shopped ALL DAY long and then when we got back to the hotel room in the evenings we wrapped all the presents! It, I think, should become an annual, or at least semi- annual event in my life to do this with my fabulous mom!
Upon returning to Med. Hat I was lucky enough to have a date with my little boys.... during the day I was parent helper in Jameson's kindergarten class- which I LOVED and thanks to my wonderful MIL I didn't have to worry about baby Karley! That night was a great chance for Jameson, Connor and I to have a special night, just the 3 of us, with a wonderful friend of mine and her boys! We went to see the live play of Franklin! It was so awesome and I think my boys throughly enjoyed it. One of the highlights for me was watching my very BRAVE friend go up on stage and...

SING! thats right- she was so brave and has a wonderful voice! It was lots of fun. Thanks to my genuis friend for the great idea of getting the tickets and having a night out on the town- lets do it again soon.
Mason got to have a sleepover party for his birthday and it went wonderful! It was the first sleepover for his friends and none of them got homesick! I've opened a can of worms and know there is going to be many more sleepovers in Mason's future!

Little Miss K is pulling herself up and standing EVERYwhere!!! And of course she is so proud. I love when she crawls over to my legs and pulls herself up while saying.. mamamama

Jameson, my 5 year old kindergartener... lost his FIRST tooth! that thing was worth $7.00.. wow I remember when I got a few quarters... hmmm... whats going on in this day and age with that tooth fairy!

And I leave you today of a shot of my beautiful blue eyes baby who won 2ND place in the baby photo contest I entered her in! Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote for her!

Friday, November 7, 2008

~Happy Birthday gorgeous blue eyed boys

Today marks a big day in our household! Mason turns 8 and Connor turns 5. Thats right, 3 years to the exact date these 2 gorgeous ones were born. Today is special for our family because it means that we've been blessed longer by these 2 blonde haired blue eyed bomb shells.

Mason, who is 8 today, has enriched my life in SO many ways, I can't even begin to tell you. When I came into this life he really opened up my eyes as to what a little boy is made of... And Mason is all my little boy. I came into his life shortly after his mommy died and he accepted me with open arms. He has loved me beyond words and my life has been more than enriched since I've had him in it. Not a day goes by that I don't think about how lucky I am to have him as my oldest son. I hope this day is the first day of many that we get to celebrate his spectacular life! I love you Mason!!!

Connor is our jokester and keeps our house rolling with laughter. He is such a great kid to always have around. He is the boy in our household that has numerous nick names because every name he seems to play the part so well. He is my little boy that when I look into his eyes I just melt. He is genuine in whatever he does in life and loves everything about it. When he's happy- he's really happy, when he's mad- he's really really mad. He likes to be the funny guy, but if people are sharing in his laughter he gets mad because he doesn't like to be teased. Connor is the little guy who you can see deep in his soul he is happy to be alive- which is so the truth. Connor is our Miracle baby! I love you Mr. Miracle!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Edward Cullen from the Twilight Series books... don't you think he look like a great looking Edward for the books and the movie? I sure think so!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

~Mini Swap

Yesterday in the mail I received these WONDERFUL gifts from Loraine in South Africa. I joined a blog swap hosted by Emilie and was so excited to get off some gifts to Loraine and recive mine! I LOVE it! Thank you so much Loraine. My daughter and I are going to scrapbook tonight and use the little girls you sent.
Blog swapping is a new concept for me, and I LOVE it! For those of you who are unfamiliar with blogging, there is this whole world out there of people who blog and make friends by blogging. We'll I have become one of these people who creep on other peoples blogs and get to know them! And I stumbled on the concept of blog swapping! So here I am- receiving my 1st gift in the mail from clear across the world! This is so fun! Now if I could find the time to create home made stuff for them... somday, right?