Friday, November 28, 2008

~8 is great

Happy Birthday baby girl... I can only imagine why you think 8 months is great- but here are a few I could come up with:
1. You can get basically ANYWHERE you want and as fast as you want on all 4's- what more could a girl want?
2. You have your mommy wrapped right around your darling little finger.... All you have to do it crawl over to me, tug on my pants and say "mama" & up you go!
3. Food is so so so yummy, esp the good stuff that you can gum and swallow down as fast as your little heart desires! But your all time favorite is still plain ol mommy milk! ( i wouldn't want it any other way;0)
4. It's so thrilling to pull yourself up on the furniture and then look at everyone in the room so they can see you!
5. It's even more thrilling to hold on with only one hand (notice in the photo) and see the reaction you get out of mommy with the camera!
6. Christmas is just around the corner and you LOVE to get your sweet little hands on every decoration you possibly can.
7. Your big enough to sit big in a shopping cart (with a cover so you can't get all the germs!) and you love to hear your voice in all the cool stores as it echos!
8. Your still the apple of your families eyes and we love love love you more and more each day!


Pinktulip said...

I LOVE reading about your kids, especially the little madam! It brings back happy memories of my boys at that age. Now they are HUGE! My oldest son will be 18 in April and my "baby" has just recently become a "teenager", he is 13. Some days I look at them and cannot believe they have grown so fast. Enjoy every moment they are little because soon they are big.

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am about the post taking so long. It is on the South African side, not yours. It can even take 7 working days to send my sister a parcel and she lives about 3 hours away from me! We are now officially into the Xmas posting season so it might also be part of the delay. I check almost daily and will let you know as soon as it arrives. We still have 3 weeks before Xmas, so don't worry, I'm sure it will be here soon! This year we are at home for Xmas with lots of family visiting. Love it!

It's no fun shopping for the boys anymore, not like when they were younger. Now all they want is Xbox games and heavy rock music! I have to ask for lists as I know very little about it!

I am battling these days to get the time and energy to craft. Things are busy at work with us going into our annual summer holidays soon. South Africa virtually "closes down" over December/January (very much like your July/Aug time period). I am off on annual holiday from 12 December and cannot wait. I am really tired and need a break! Lots of "work" waiting at home though!

I am not suprized you do not get time for craftiness. I truly cannot imagine coping with 5 kids! You are so amazing! And three of them lively boys! Oh my word..

Have a great Monday! I will let you know as soon as the parcel arrives!


Aubrey said...

You have a beautiful family!

I recieved the ornament you sent to me from
Julie's swap! I love them, especially the Maple Leaf. I posted about it today.

Thank you SO much! Happy Holidays!

Yarngoddess said...

She has the prettiest, biggest, most expressive smile! What a joy she is~ even just in her pictures!
8 most certainly is great!

~Kellie Shankles

Cassie said...

She's so cute!