Thursday, December 4, 2008

~ i love to SWAP!

Have a EVER been busy- but a good busy. I'm afraid it's catching up with me a little bit tho and would really love for my life to slow down some! But, alas, it isn't going to so I'll just sit back and enjoy this lovely ride I'm on! Speaking of rides Hanna sent me the dandest cutest most lovely ornaments! Back in October I signed up for Julie's secrest ornament swap and have received mine! The great thing is- I didn't only get 1 ornament I for 2! I absolutely adore then and think they look fabulous on my tree! I love how the little feet dangle below. Thanks so much Hanna and I wish your fabulous family a very Merry Christmas!!

Oh ya, Aubrey has received the ornament that I sent to her! I was so excited she got her's in time for Christmas and that it was her first ever package from Canada! Merry Christmas Aubrey and a very Happy New Year too (all the way from Canada!).

Keeping with the spirit anyway, the kids and I went candy wild last night and decorated out gingerbread house- isn't it LOVELY???


Cassie said...

Aw that sounds like so much fun! Those are the most adorable ornament ever! :)

Hannah said...

I'm so pleased you like them. I saw them and thought they were lovely.

Julie said...

I love those ornaments - adorable!

And what a fancy house!

Kirby3131 said...

Those ornaments are lovely! They are going to be treasured for years, I can tell.

I've never been a part of a gingerbread house making project. Yours looks fantastic!