Thursday, December 18, 2008

~snowman swap goodies & Trouble

So, because I am now addicted to this wonder world of blog swapping, I did it yet again! It's so fun to put together boxes to send off and then to receive one in return! I love love love it! So, this winter I signed up for a snowman swap and was so excited because snowman just simply bring me joy! I receive my box the other day from Suzee who sent me the most ADORABLE apron that she made! I must say it's my favorite thing in the box and I am so taking it to the lake for Christmas! The box was full of a whole bunch of other snowman goodies, including trinkets, hot cocoa, a cookie cutter! I love it! Thank you SO SO much Suzee!!!!
Some other news to report on the Karley front- I've comfirmed that she is totally going to be a shopper. She emptied out my purse last night, thrilled that she could do it all on her own and ever so quietly so no one would have heard her, and once she was busted she had the biggest smile on her face and was she EVER so proud to bring me the $10 she found and then proceeded to crawl away from me ever so fast so I didn't take her money! So C-U-T-E!!! I wonder what she wants to buy?? Maybe I'll leave here and take trouble out shopping???

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Suzee said...

You are so welcome. I absolutely loved my package too! It has been SO great to get to know you and your cute family! Let's keep in touch definately!

And for your question:
I guess I should have clarified this....Mandie is my niece. This is her first baby. Seven was just the number of the day yesterday. It is the seventh great grandkid on my side. It is wonderful!