Tuesday, December 9, 2008

~The weight on my shoulders.....

Someday's I just really feel like the world is out to get me down, not that anything in particular is wrong, but just that things aren't right. I often find myself reading other blog and wishing my life was much more in order like theirs. I wish that my children we're always well behaved and I never ever once had to riase my voice at them. And what the heck would it be like if my dogs never barked like wild coyotes when someone arrived at the door. Maybe once in a while we'd be able to step back into the olden days where people really cared and helped each other out, huh? What would that be like? Why isn't there a dishwasher that's invented that loads for me? What if there were never any disagreements in marriages/life... what would life be like? Then I come to remember that there are some people out there... like this woman who attend my church who has brain cancer and just had a baby c-section 2 months early (3lbs) and is on her death bed.... who would love to live my life, as frustrated as I get with things she would trade me places anyday. I somethings think I'd love to be in her shoes too... But really when the weight of the world sits on my shoulders there is no other place I'de be then right here in the arms of the one I love! (** and to just keep remembering that!)

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Rachel said...

Great post, I sometimes feel sorry for myself and then I look around and see that others are struggling far worse then me.
I then am grateful for the things that have and the small blessings that I have received and have failed to notice.
Good golly did that even make sense? Yeah it's too late, I need to get to bed.