Wednesday, December 17, 2008

~Twas the night before tomorrow

And all through the house...

not a JJ was stirring.... (but he did lay out his clothes for the next day of school),

not a peep out of sissy- only a peek out of Ruby,
Not a wink out of Connor and cowboy bear all tucked in by his side,
and not even a hello from late night Mason (who just by chance is getting bigger and now only sleeping in his underwear!).

But as this mommy tiptoed to peek on Karley she found her wide eyed (a little shy of the camera flash) and ready to Roll....
So I grabbed her up, snuggled her into my shoulder, blankie and all, and this mommy shouted with glee "Now sleep away, sleep away sleep away ALL!!"

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Pinktulip said...

They are such angels when they sleep! Hope you have a wonderful Xmas! I am away for a few days but will be back sometime next week to catch up with my blogging and blogger friends.