Wednesday, December 10, 2008

~struggling with immunizations

So- I lied, I called and cancelled Karley's 2nd flu shot- i told them she was sick- she wasn't. But I'm so nervous about these needles now that I have started research. In fact I wish that I had never gotten any immunizations for my children in the way I did.... actually I wish I had spaced them out a lot more. There is NO NEED to inject 3 or more into a little tiny child at one time. So- she didn't get her 2nd flu shot, nor is she going to. And then at 1 year a whole new bout of immunizations come up- and ya know what? I'm not doing them at 1 year either. I am so afraid to get her the MMR vaccine- with all the controversey that surrounds it. And why in the world should I make her get 1 needed with all 2 at once on top of more of them. Anyway- in the mean time I'm working on becomming better educated on the matter.
Just so you understand, I'm not saying I'm never going to get my kid immunized again- but I think it can wait until she is further developed and her tiny little perfect body can handle all those yuckie in there to make her be healthy in the long run.
In fact I really have an issue with the HPV vaccine and don't intend on giving it to any of my girls.. UGH I don't know. Anyway- if any of you are WELL EDUCATED on this matter- please post or e-mail me alexaappel AT yahoo {DOT}com. I need all the materials I can get to make a perfect decision regarding my family!


Stella said...


You are a great mom for wanting to be informed about the best health choices for your child! :)

I frequently give parents information about childhood immunizations because of my position as a school nurse. One resource that I use is the Center for Disease Control's web page regarding immunizations: Immunizations It has answers to many common questions about vaccinations. One little disclaimer: I believe you live in Canada, so you will need to make sure that the information from this website does not contradict information from Canada.

I have had my own children vaccinated because I feel that the side effects of the actual disease are much more severe than from the immunization. However, discuss this issue with you children's physician to make a decision that is best for your own family.

(I hate seeing needles used on my little ones too. That makes me cry!)


Suzee said...

Hey, will you let me know when you get your package? I am your snowman swap buddy. Thanks!

Kathryn and Cory said...

Hey Alexa,

I know what you mean about immunizations! Soo confusing. Oliver didn't even get his 3 month all at once - his legs weren't big enough! I know what I am say isn't much help but the one thing that I have learnt this year with all that is happened is the medical establishment doesn't know it all.
I spent 3 weeks wondering why what was happening to me (and him) was happening and it seems the best answer I got was "it just happens". So far Oliver's peditrian has recommended we get all his shots including flu - and us too! I haven't taken him back for the second one yet either. I am one the fence. But with him being a premie, ect do I want to take the chance and him catch something and have to live with the regret?!?!

Anyho, I just thought that I would add my confusion to the mix ...


Yarngoddess said...

I know how you feel. Growing up in the super small town that we did, lol, I never knew that it was a choice. I didn't learn that it was a choice until Jacob (my eldest now almost 7!) had a severe reaction to his shots. My husband and I finally were on the same page- no more shots. Not untill we did our homework. I didn't search places that are considered by the medical community as 'fear tacticts' but by the manufacturer's own websites- patient information fold out's (come in the boxes of shots). We decided that it just wasn't worth it to loose our son to the side effects of the vacciene's.

Non of the other 3 kids have had their shots- and they won't. Period. For our family, with such a HUGE history of 1)reactions and 2)major allergies, illness', and genetic issues it just didn't make sense.

I hope you continue to do your homework until you and DH come to a place of knowledge that works for your family. With age comes wisdom- and you were so smart as a 'kid' I'm sure you will find the research that works for YOUR family!

Check out and our discussion group there is a whole vaccination board. One thing to remember- once you inject them, you can't 'remove' it. Once it's in it there. You can, however delay until you have leaned enough to make your informed decision.

Yarngoddess said...
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Yarngoddess said...

Hey Alexa,
Found another site- it's a Canadian one.

Hope you find what you need for your family!

Marcia said...

I just found your blog and I'm enjoying it. I'm mom to 6, my youngest are 8yo twin boys. Anyway, when I read this, I thought I'd share that I vaccinated all my kids, until the twins. They were premature, and we decided to wait. When I finally got their shots at the age of 5, they only needed about 6 (we chose not to do one of the vaccines). I was amazed at how few shots they needed just by waiting. They won't need a booster until they're 12. A huge difference from the 28 or so shots they've have gotten if I'd started when they were babies. Just thought I'd share that with you.