Friday, December 5, 2008

~He loves me

I always knew that he loved me... but as time goes on the moments we have to share alone together are always few and far between- esp. those REALLY special moments. Because Jason and I share a unique and special bond I think we know how much to cherish our marriage and know that it could be over without a moments notice. This is a little story about my first EVER limo ride:

A friend had called up and informed me that this ladies club she is part of had a cancellation for thier monday night Christmas celebration and asked if I was willing to come. After consulting Jason and getting permission I decided it would be fun. Besides there is this one girl who was going to be there who I really wanted to get to know better and share my "story" with. My friend who invited me, Tanya, said it was a really fancy dinner and that they'd all pitched together and rented a limo to pick us all up and to bring us home after a few'girlie' drinks. I was excited. Never in my whole life had i driven in a limo! My SIL was in town and was helping me out with the kids until jason arrived home to take over. She was actually more excited then me when the Limo arrived to pick me up... She was following me out in her pj's with her camera in tow (kind of embarrasing me in front of a whole ton of girlie friends- i felt like she was my mom taking me to school in her bath robe and slippers) and took this shot before I hopped in for my night out on the town:

I then casually sat down on one of the seats and said a little hello to all of the ladies that were supposed to be sitting in there joining me for dinner! To my utter surprise there was NO ladies in there at all- and this is what I saw:

My gorgeous hubby sitting in there looking all sexied out holding a dozen BEAUTIFUL red roses! ** note my face in the above photo- I was SHOCKED (to say the least) and couldn't beleive that he got this one past me!!! I think I said "What are you doing here? Tanya was in on this??"
The above photo is the picture that was snapped as we were getting ready to take off (my SIL took this picture with tears in her eyes- she couldn't believe that they'd pulled it off!!!) Notice my face? I'm still totally stunned!! This is us as we arrived home from out very romantic dinner and hour long limo ride drinking wine and looking at all the fabulous Christmas lights around town! It was so fun and so appreciated! I know for sure that I am absolutely loved!!
** does anyone want my husband to e-mail your husband to get some insider tips as how to pull one of these off for YOU???


Colin said...

WOW!!! Lucky girl!

PS: Don't let Jamie see this...hahaha

Yarngoddess said...

How SUPER SWEET!!! Your hubby rocks! I love the look on your face- so glad you "mom in her bathrobe" was there to take pictures!!!

Rachel said...

Wow you hubby rocks!! Glad you had an amazing evening.. Seriously this is sooooo cool!

Kathryn and Cory said...

That's soo cute!!!

Pinktulip said...

This is so romantic! Wow! He is definitely a keeper! You look fabulous and you can see you had a great time!

Whitney said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! It's so much fun meeting new people! And I had to giggle a bit when I read that you are getting ideas off my blog, I always do that, and I never thought of my blog as having any ideas!

What a sweetheart!!! That is so incredible. That was one massively well planned out surprise. He had a lot of people in on that, I'm so glad that no one spilled the beans!!