Thursday, October 1, 2009

~a few things

Meet me for the next few months:

This is your typical Canadian Hockey Mom all through the winter! I have 3 boys who play hockey and I also manage one of their teams! I am literally crazy crazy crazy hockey mom through the winter. And you know, I'm not complaining, because i LOVE THIS SPORT! I love that I get to manage the boys' team, that I get to basically be the 'boss' and call all the shots! I love watching them grow and evolve in this great sport! I really do love it! But I also get completely exhausted by the end! And thus a new season has begun!
There are a few things that really frustrate me and really stress me out about children's sports. I really don't understand what all the politics is about? Why can't we all just be in it and give our best for ALL children not just our own? Why does it matter who you know, who your kid knows, or who your friend knows? Why can't adult smarten up & simply be in it for he joy of our children? I hope to be one of the adults who make it about the kids, ALL KIDS! Not just my own! Anyway, I'm sure over the course of this hockey season I'll be ranting & raving on myblog because some parent's are not in it for the children, maybe only for their own! ARGH!
Remember this post? Well I had to say goo-by to Mike last week. I mean, he is old & all, and yes, he was made to quit Survivor because of his medical issues:( so that means I am out of the running in the lil pool. But because I started watching it I'm kinda into it. There is this one contestant that is making it really interesting & I'd like to know what happens to him!

My photography has really taken off! Are you on face book and do you want to follow my photo shoots a little more closely? Become a fan of Little Things Photography with this photo:
I tend to update this site more than my photography blog! I suppose that is because most of my clients come from face book! (do I call my friends my clients? Why don't i call them my friendclients? I dunno) Anyways I would love for you to follow my journey into the photography land!!!

This beautiful mommy:

over at Raising Z nominated me for a BLOG AWARD! woo hooo! I'm going to put careful consideration into who I nominate before I post it! So look for it in the next few days!

In the meantime I leave you with my latest favorite photo that yours truly did all on her own! Have a great weekend everyone!