Wednesday, March 19, 2008


When? That's the question that's burning in my mind. I am not a person that's good at waiting. If I want something I want it right here and now. I'm ready for my little girl to be here, anytime now! Her room is ready- I sit and look at it every day and can't wait till she is getting her pictures taken in it. This is the first time I've had the chance to create a nursery! With Alyssa and Jameson I was renting houses and didn't get the chance to paint and make it something special. Jason and I worked tirelessly creating this special space for her, now if she would just get here! Hopefully the next blog I'll be able to tell you that she is here and healthy and I'm so happy to not have this thing occupying my tummy anymore!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Isn't it hard to wait? I've never been good with patience, esp. when it comes to great things- like a baby girl! A week ago I drug jason into the photographer to get maternity shots done. He totally thought it was stupid, but I wanted to remember this pregnancy forever- after all it's my last. So I got the pictures back today and it made me more IMPATIENT to meet my little dream come true. Anyway- with all this false labor and excitement, I can't wait to meet her and to show her to the world! Will keep you updated.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Little Cowboy

Connor is my cowboy through and through, and let me tell you I LOVE IT! He is so much fun. Connor has been gone over a month now in Saskatchewan visiting his gramma and grandpa and I MISS him! We have been doing a small remodel on out house for the past 6 or so weeks adding another bedroom on so that all the kids will have their own. Well today we have pretty much finiahed Connor's room, and he's gone. I can't wait for him to get home and fall in love with his 'Cowboy' room. He's the last of our kids to get their room done pretty much exactly how they wanted it!

Not a lot else is happening. I have had one false alarm with labor and now am having some more happenings today... but am trying to keep busy and not pay too much attention to it.. IT'll happen, right? I wont be uncomfortably pregnant forever, will I? Anyway, I'm looking forward to 4 things in particular in my life at this time: Getting my hands on my baby girl, spring flowers popping through, My mom coming to visit and Connor coming home! Good things are happening in the near future! I'll keep you posted!