Sunday, March 21, 2010

~no words

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

~Irish Whiskey

Jameson Irish Whiskey to be exact... Oh goodness... this stuff has the potential to some sort of good...

But today, as some people are thinking and discussing Jameson Irish Whiskey, it means a little something different to me than your typical St. Patty's day drink. It makes me think of this guy:

My beloved Jeff. He passed away in 2003, he was my husband. Jameson holds a special place in my heart because of this guys name:
Yep, this dude is named after the Irish Whiskey! How cool is that?
Anyway, he got his name because there was the never ending, always on going, controversial discussion in my home about what we were going to name our baby boy. I wanted him to have the same initials as his daddy because Alyssa had (I've since remarried & have a different last name) the same initials as me. She had my same middle name, so Jeff & I knew we were going to give him Jeff's middle name. So we searched & we searched & we searched some more. We look in every baby name book w could find. We looked online. We asked suggestions for boy names. Nothing stuck out as something we really wanted until one night. Jeff loved to just 'sip' on Jameson Irish Whiskey. And this particular night he was sipping away... and 'POOF' right in front of our eyes was the bottle. And we both loved the name. LOVED IT! And Jameson simply fits the lil man to a tee!
I'm so thankful that he was named before his daddy passed away! Jeff loved them name & he loved Jameson Irish Whiskey! So today is a perfect day to tip the glass to him! ~cheers~

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Today my oldest turned 10... THE BIG 1-0. I really have a ten year old, and it doesn't seem right. Today was probably the slowest day EVER for her! She had to wait till 3 pm for all of her friends to get here and all week there has been gifts sitting around waiting for today! I did let her open her bigger gift this morning, which did not have to be opened at all- A NEW BIKE! She was thrilled, but still wanted a i-pod touch worse (she thinks money grows on trees). As soon as most of her girlie friends arrives they broke out the tattoo kit that I picked up on the after christmas sales for something like $5.00. As you can see they were COVERED in tattoo's! I hope their mom's still talk to me after this!

Here is the birthday girl posing with her tattoo's and all 10 fingers held up! What am I going to do when she's 11???
And all the girls, hanging out! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo! I'll prob. love it even more when I put it into photoshop and brighten it! Look for that soon! Aren't they AWESOME?? I love all these girls! They are the BEST!

Ice cream cake, do I need to say anything else besides YUM YUM?? (of course I didn't have any-haha ya right) Isn't my girl GORGEOUS?

Only 2 candles were still burning... she has 2 boyfriends! UH OH! She wouldn't tell me who they were, BUT there was lots of whispering going on while they were eating the cake... Hmmm

Before jammie & movie time it was HOTTUB time! I was outside in the cold this morning cleaning this thing out so it would be warn in time for tonight! ANd they only stayed in for about 15 minutes! Girls....

I'm off to paint a bunch of toe nails! I can't wait! I love my big 10 year old, but it doesn't seem real that I have a 10 year old! I'm getting OLD!

Friday, March 12, 2010



I just decided today, that IMMA BE happy, just the way things are. I'm not going to care what has happened to me in the past, who has crossed me in the past, who has harmed me in the past. I'm not letting it affect my life anymore.


Imma be happy because this life is so darn short, that if I'm wasting my time stressed out & thinking in my mind how to get back at this person or that person for crossing me, than my life is even shorter. I'm not going to think about how you or you or you hurt me or harmed me or lied about me or any of that stuff.


Imma be happy because my life deserves to be made happy. My family deserves for me to be happy, my children deserve for their mommy to be happy, my husband deserves for me to be happy. My heart wants and yearns to be happy.


Imma be happy & if you can't deal with a positive outlook in my life, and you want to try to make me unhappy, go right ahead. But I have nothing but happiness! I am beyond blessed with beautiful babies, a loving husband, my health, and an eternal life.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I can't wait to be in heaven, you know what I mean?

Now, this is not the place where I'm going to get into some big religion conversation. This is just a place where I'm saying what "I" Believe and it doesn't matter what you believe.

I believe I am going to heaven. I believe that God is pure & true and loves me no matter what. I believe that my life is worthy of living here on earth. I believe there is a reason behind everything, although I do not believe that it will be explained to us as to why it happened this way. I believe that each one of our days here on earth are numbered. There is a set day when we "GET" to go be loved, cherished & adored on the other side.

There are so many bad things that happen here on this earth that we're living right now. I do not know why these things happen, nor do I agree with them, BUT I will accept them and I will live out the rest of my days trying to live a better life than I live today.

All that being said, I can't WAIT to get to heaven! I can't wait! It's going to be so much more than what my simple little words can explain. There are going to be so many beautiful souls that come to me when I get there. There is going to be so many people there waiting for me!

I choose to believe that when we get to heaven we will recognize each and every one of the beautiful people who went before us. Although we leave our earthly bodies behind, I believe our souls will be recognizable by what we looked like before we passed! I can't wait to get there & see soooo many of my loved one who got to go ahead of me!

Layla's story ( got me thinking about what happens here on this earth and how we go about our earthly life. She got to be healed in the name of Jesus before she was even 3 years old. Her death is not one that is easy to swallow, but it is one that shakes some of our lives up to a point where we (me being one of the "we") look forward to the day we actually get to "meet" this beautiful baby in Heaven. Please, will you pray for this family who is hurting so badly as they celebrate their beautiful baby getting her wings?

This, beautiful baby girl, was posted on face book this morning, and I believe that we can see heaven in your face....

Heaven is the face of a little girl
With dark brown eyes
That disappear when she smiles.
Heaven is the place
Where she calls my name
Says, “Daddy please come play with me for awhile.”


God, I know, it’s all of this and so much more,
But God, You know, that this is what I’m aching for.
God, you know, I just can’t see beyond the door.
So right now...

Heaven is the sound of her breathing deep,
Lying on my chest, falling fast asleep while I sing.
And Heaven is the weight of her in my arms,
Being there to keep her safe from harm while she dreams

And God, I know, it’s all of this and so much more,
But God, You know, that this is what I’m longing for
God, you know, I just can’t see beyond the door.


But in my mind’s eye I can see a place
Where Your glory fills every empty space.
All the cancer is gone,
Every mouth is fed,
And there’s no one left in the orphans’ bed.
Every lonely heart finds their one true love,
And there’s no more goodbye,
And no more not enough,
And there’s no more enemy.

Heaven is a sweet, maple syrup kiss
And a thousand other little things I miss with her gone.
Heaven is the place where she takes my hand
And leads me to You,
And we both run into Your arms.

Oh God, I know, it’s so much more than I can dream.
It’s far beyond anything I can conceive.
So God, You know, I’m trusting You until I see
Heaven in the face of my little girl,
Heaven in the face of my little girl.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

~mother hen

She is my Mother Hen. She loves her babies and she cares for them diligently.
She kisses them, and has me wrap them in blankies. She wont allow then in clothes. They must be naked babies!
She hugs them & poses for pictures with them.
She even gives them drinks of juice!
And her babies never go hungry, they are always drinking a baba!
She is the mother hen around here and she takes care of her babies diligently!

Monday, March 1, 2010

~Olympic memories!

What an amazing 2 weeks of competition and inspiring performances! Wow! I sure enjoyed myself.

Here are a couple of the highlights that meant the most to me:

Canada's First gold medal on Canadian soil:Alexandre Bilodeau

What an amazing story! This young man is on my list of hero's! Have you read his story? If not, check it out here: He's an inspiration to all of us: American, Canadian, French, Russian, Jamaican!

And how about Joannie Rochette? What an amazing story of inspiration!

I CAN NOT believe her strength after losing her mother in the first days of the Olympics, to continue to compete & to come home with a BRONZE! What a true hero to so many! Her mother would be proud & honored to have Joannie as her daughter.

Another part of the Olympics that will never be forgotten by many is the luge event. Nodar Kumaritashvili was killed while on a training run at the Whistler Slide center. How absolutely horrifying to all involved in these winter games.

It goes to show that all of these Olympians would give their lives to compete in the winter games for their countries. They live & thrive for these competitions. Let us all remember this young man who was gone way too soon. RIP Nodar Kumaritashvili. May your memory live on forever in those hearts of so many lives that you touched!

I was cheering for this dude with my whole heart:

What a wild & fun ride his Olympic journey has been! I'm so proud he's American! He does everything with so much grace & poise that it warms my heart! GREAT JOB APOLLO!!!!!

And the final event of these Olympic games: HOCKEY!!!!

First off, congrats to the Canadian men's hockey team. And also CONGRATS to the Americans! Wow, what a show down! Both teams were so evenly matched that this made for an amazing showdown & grand finale. Wow. But this is where I find that most Canadians are so ignorant. I got text messages & facebook messages saying how "Americans should not play Canada's game." how "Americans LOST the gold." how " Americans weren't even close to winning the game." How "Crosby killed the Miller Show." I was so angry because the bottom line to it all is that IT WAS A GOOD GAME! Wow! Hockey is not so one sided in the Olympic games anymore. So really, Canadian people, don't be so ignorant to the American people. Be proud but don't be arrogant.

Oh & we must discuss

What in the world? The Canadian women were DRINKING & SMOKING in the rink in front of media. Hello people, some underage, go back and celebrate in private where you wont get called out in your wrongs! DUH!