Saturday, March 13, 2010


Today my oldest turned 10... THE BIG 1-0. I really have a ten year old, and it doesn't seem right. Today was probably the slowest day EVER for her! She had to wait till 3 pm for all of her friends to get here and all week there has been gifts sitting around waiting for today! I did let her open her bigger gift this morning, which did not have to be opened at all- A NEW BIKE! She was thrilled, but still wanted a i-pod touch worse (she thinks money grows on trees). As soon as most of her girlie friends arrives they broke out the tattoo kit that I picked up on the after christmas sales for something like $5.00. As you can see they were COVERED in tattoo's! I hope their mom's still talk to me after this!

Here is the birthday girl posing with her tattoo's and all 10 fingers held up! What am I going to do when she's 11???
And all the girls, hanging out! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo! I'll prob. love it even more when I put it into photoshop and brighten it! Look for that soon! Aren't they AWESOME?? I love all these girls! They are the BEST!

Ice cream cake, do I need to say anything else besides YUM YUM?? (of course I didn't have any-haha ya right) Isn't my girl GORGEOUS?

Only 2 candles were still burning... she has 2 boyfriends! UH OH! She wouldn't tell me who they were, BUT there was lots of whispering going on while they were eating the cake... Hmmm

Before jammie & movie time it was HOTTUB time! I was outside in the cold this morning cleaning this thing out so it would be warn in time for tonight! ANd they only stayed in for about 15 minutes! Girls....

I'm off to paint a bunch of toe nails! I can't wait! I love my big 10 year old, but it doesn't seem real that I have a 10 year old! I'm getting OLD!

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