Monday, March 1, 2010

~Olympic memories!

What an amazing 2 weeks of competition and inspiring performances! Wow! I sure enjoyed myself.

Here are a couple of the highlights that meant the most to me:

Canada's First gold medal on Canadian soil:Alexandre Bilodeau

What an amazing story! This young man is on my list of hero's! Have you read his story? If not, check it out here: He's an inspiration to all of us: American, Canadian, French, Russian, Jamaican!

And how about Joannie Rochette? What an amazing story of inspiration!

I CAN NOT believe her strength after losing her mother in the first days of the Olympics, to continue to compete & to come home with a BRONZE! What a true hero to so many! Her mother would be proud & honored to have Joannie as her daughter.

Another part of the Olympics that will never be forgotten by many is the luge event. Nodar Kumaritashvili was killed while on a training run at the Whistler Slide center. How absolutely horrifying to all involved in these winter games.

It goes to show that all of these Olympians would give their lives to compete in the winter games for their countries. They live & thrive for these competitions. Let us all remember this young man who was gone way too soon. RIP Nodar Kumaritashvili. May your memory live on forever in those hearts of so many lives that you touched!

I was cheering for this dude with my whole heart:

What a wild & fun ride his Olympic journey has been! I'm so proud he's American! He does everything with so much grace & poise that it warms my heart! GREAT JOB APOLLO!!!!!

And the final event of these Olympic games: HOCKEY!!!!

First off, congrats to the Canadian men's hockey team. And also CONGRATS to the Americans! Wow, what a show down! Both teams were so evenly matched that this made for an amazing showdown & grand finale. Wow. But this is where I find that most Canadians are so ignorant. I got text messages & facebook messages saying how "Americans should not play Canada's game." how "Americans LOST the gold." how " Americans weren't even close to winning the game." How "Crosby killed the Miller Show." I was so angry because the bottom line to it all is that IT WAS A GOOD GAME! Wow! Hockey is not so one sided in the Olympic games anymore. So really, Canadian people, don't be so ignorant to the American people. Be proud but don't be arrogant.

Oh & we must discuss

What in the world? The Canadian women were DRINKING & SMOKING in the rink in front of media. Hello people, some underage, go back and celebrate in private where you wont get called out in your wrongs! DUH!

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Carrie said...

Hey, Canadians claim to have amazing hockey skills...I've never heard them claim to have witnessed by their women's hockey team and the movie Strange Brew