Wednesday, March 17, 2010

~Irish Whiskey

Jameson Irish Whiskey to be exact... Oh goodness... this stuff has the potential to some sort of good...

But today, as some people are thinking and discussing Jameson Irish Whiskey, it means a little something different to me than your typical St. Patty's day drink. It makes me think of this guy:

My beloved Jeff. He passed away in 2003, he was my husband. Jameson holds a special place in my heart because of this guys name:
Yep, this dude is named after the Irish Whiskey! How cool is that?
Anyway, he got his name because there was the never ending, always on going, controversial discussion in my home about what we were going to name our baby boy. I wanted him to have the same initials as his daddy because Alyssa had (I've since remarried & have a different last name) the same initials as me. She had my same middle name, so Jeff & I knew we were going to give him Jeff's middle name. So we searched & we searched & we searched some more. We look in every baby name book w could find. We looked online. We asked suggestions for boy names. Nothing stuck out as something we really wanted until one night. Jeff loved to just 'sip' on Jameson Irish Whiskey. And this particular night he was sipping away... and 'POOF' right in front of our eyes was the bottle. And we both loved the name. LOVED IT! And Jameson simply fits the lil man to a tee!
I'm so thankful that he was named before his daddy passed away! Jeff loved them name & he loved Jameson Irish Whiskey! So today is a perfect day to tip the glass to him! ~cheers~

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Life with Kaishon said...

What a loving post. Your husband was a handsome man. I LOVE how you named your son. I love names with character and great stories : ). What a great picture of your son too. What a cutie!