Thursday, February 26, 2009

~Yes, I`m in T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Pretty much this girl is going to be trouble.... She knows how to play it and play it GOOD.... She gets her way at least 101% of the time. I mean really, look at her face, does she not have "the look"? I am getting nothing done lately because Karley has to be on my LAP or crawling all over me 24/7. Yes, she is cute, but no she doens't have 2 naps a day that last 2 hours each. She naps when she feels like napping, sometimes around 10 am for about 40 minutes. Then maybe just maybe she'll nap in the afternoon. She still loves mama's milk the best and is a super picky eater... and she is who she is cause she likes it like that!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

~to my oldest with love.....

My sweet A, you have no idea how very much I love you and when I think about the beautiful young woman you've become I just beam!! Last night was one of those nights. You sat down at the computer and wrote a speech all by yourself. Dad called me down to the basement before I went to bed and here is what I found written out on the computer:
Hi my name is Alyssa Igarta vote for me because I will make the school a better place. I will make recess longer. I will give out free candy. I will allow pets in the school. There will be no homework. So vote for me.
It was so adorable and I just beamed! You wrote that with no assistance from dad or I! My how your growing...
As I was just nodding off to sleep dad came up to show me what he had found in your room before he went to bed:
You had lost your tooth and apparently wanted to leave a letter to the tooth fairy. It was so cute to see that you took it upon yourself to ensure that your wants were known by TF. I didn't even know you wrote that letter- but man o man did that letter just top off the speech you wrote for school! It just keeps getting better every day...

Then there was the time I took you to your first official concert- it was the canadian idol tour concert- and it was soo fun. You and I were the only ones in the audience that were hooping and hollaring! The guys loved it! I loved how big you were when you went and got your shirt autographed by all the Idols! You just keep getting older and older every day!
There is a few things that I want you to work on in life... I want you to learn to CLOSE your dresser drawers and to keep your room neat and tidy- here is photo proof that you are a PIG when it comes to keeping your room cleaned up! Now... My one recommendation is that you get it clean and keep it clean!

I love you my Punky monkey and know that whatever you choose to do in life you'll be successful at... your an amazing little girl and I am so so proud to be your mommy~

Thursday, February 12, 2009

~Not doing well

I can't get over beautiful beautiful Cora.... Life is so not fair. Last night I was sitting in my chair rocking my baby girl, it was dark and it was silent. My thoughts instantly went to Jeff, how I would go through that pain all over again and again in order for no one else in this world to lose a loved one so tragically. How selfish of me, maybe? These loved ones are resting in the arms of Jesus, but how in the world do you get past losing a beautiful baby girl? Almost all of my waking thoughts are with Cora's family. I can't imagine what they are going through- please wont you pray for them?
I think it's so amazing that Cora's family and community are doing something for her memory... a playground. And what else... This woman who I don't even know is raising money for beautiful Cora's playground... if you could wont you please either donate to her playground or buy something super cute that is homemade that goes to support Cora's playground? Look soon (when I get my order) for Karley all dolled up in a new head band... and we'll be thinking of Cora...

I guess I should post something happy... Happy is Karley- I am so blessed to have such a beautiful full of life baby girl. And doesn't every mommy want to top her baby girls head with her first pig tails? Although Karley has her first cold she was a tropper and look what I got in her hair? The rest is history....

Monday, February 9, 2009

~A few things on my mind lately

This family does not know me and I do not know them, but through another blog that I follow I learned that yesterday their beautiful baby girl Cora passed away after a short (about 2 weeks) battle with cancer. Please keep this beautiful family in your thoughts and prayers. I think this story hits home so much because my baby girl is so close in age. I can't even imagine what they are going through; I can feel their pain deep in the middle of my heart. I wish that this big word wasn't so cruel.

This woman, Melanie Serr-Ferguson, passed away last Thursday. This one touches so close to home because she is the mom of one of Jameson's friends in kindergarden. Although she was in palative care for sometime now, it's still hard to know that another little child is out there without a mommy to care and raise her. I must simply fall to my knees and beg God to comfort her family and bring them through this tough time.

Oh man... 8 BABIES? What in the world is she going to do not only with 8 of them by herself but also with 6 more at home? I sure hope that the community in which she lives steps up and helps her out!! What a miracle and amazing story! I wish her only the best!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

~wordless wednesday

Monday, February 2, 2009

~Goodbye's are never easy

The world lost a good man this past week, but I am proud to say I knew this wonderful man....

Chris Appel passed away last monday at the age of 94 years. He lived a life full of love and a life worth living. I only knew him for a few years, but what I knew of him was more than amazing. The time that I remember the most was the time when he met Jameson- Jameson not being his biological grandson, but great-grandpa cared so deeply of Jameson. He cared so much for this little boy who he knew for such a short time. He knew right from the beginning that Jameson was the "tender" one of the bunch- his eyes always were bright when he received a hug from the little boy who he barely knew- Just look at his face in this photo:
Out family was blessed to have visited with Grandpa over Christmas holidays. Great-Grandpa was so happy to see his youngest GREAT grandchild once again... it was so special how much he cared for babies. I captured this last good picture of Jason with his Grandpa and with grandpa's great grand daughter- Karley. I love this photo and will cherish it forever.

I'm releived to say that Grandpa went peacefully in his sleep and I believe in my whole heart that he is in a better place now, I know he's resting in peace.
Incuded in this post is a copy of the Eulogy written by Chris' oldest grandson, my BIL, Warren. He did an amazing job!
Eulogy of Chris Appel
I have accomplished many firsts this last year. This is my first Eulogy. I am the first
grandson of Chris. My name is Warren and I am here to celebrate Chris' life with you. I loved my Grandpa It is an Honor for me to share my grandfathers memory. I remember some of my favorite memories as a child growing up were spent with my
Grandfather. We would drive around rural Saskatchewan looking for car parts in bushes of
abandoned farm yards, and at the same time picking berries, then taking them home and making fresh pies. My Grandpa showed me how to repair and rebuild cars, how to weld, cut, and solder- all of the things I use as tools in my life today to succeed. He took me to flea markets, traveling around the province. Once he gave me $100.00 at the end of summer for helping him at the flea's and around the yard. It was like he game me a million dollars. As I grew older he continued to create more memories. One I would like to share is from my cousin Baron's wedding. That night Grandpa and I shared a room. He got up to go for a pee, but passed the bathroom , walked into the hallway and locked himself out. He got lost and knocked on the wrong door. The young boys let him in and sleep in one of their beds. In the morning we couldn't find him. All of the sudden out of no where Grandpa appears in the nude, with no glasses and no teeth and on the wrong floor. What a party! Maybe the last beautiful moment I spent with my Grandpa was when I told him that I quit drinking. He looked at me, the turned to my sister, asked, "really?" She answered, "yes grandpa, it's true."He then looked back at me and started to cry. That will be a memory I will cherish. He didn't have to say a word because I knew he loved me just like he did for the last 45 years. It's sometimes difficult to put feelings into words, but I think I speak for all of his grandchildren when I say we were blessed to have him as a grandfather. He was fun to be with. He told stories, whether they were true or not, he believe they were. He was a jokester and liked to play tricks. His house was always an adventure for us to go through each room! We lost a great man, not because of this accomplishments , not because of his wealth or status, but truly for his love! Grandpa was one of a kind and would put a smile on our faces whether he meant to or not. The great tragedy of life is not that men perish but that they cease to love- Grandpa never ceased to love!
Written by Warren Appell- In memory of his Grandfather Chris Appel- January

Funerals are never easy events, but the part that seems to be enjoyable is the part where family gets together and shares in the good times. It was a great time to see Grandma and Grandpa Cousin Jenna, who we had SO much fun with!
And Auntie Gaileen who the kids rarely get to see, but really enjoyed! She is a hoot and you can tell by the picture that she likes to have fun with the kids! They esp. liked her IPOD touch with games!
On another note- There is a new magazine in town and MY blog is listed in it. This magazine is available online and is some GREAT reading! Please check out my side bar -------> to the right and see this aweosme magazine!! I love it and think you'll enjoy reading it too!