Monday, January 10, 2011

~being Brave... VERY BRAVE

Follow me the next 6 weeks as I become a very brave girl....

I have no idea what to expect over the next 6 weeks as I take this online workshop on soul restoration, but I think my soul has needed restoring for a long time. I decided that I'm going to share my brave journey on my blog. I'm going to be brutally blissfully honest. It's going to be one heck of a ride, & it starts tomorrow! Hang on tight cause it's gonna be fun!

Friday, January 7, 2011

~is family forever?

One of my biggest fears as my children grow into adult hood (yeah I have a while, but I still think about it) is that they will grow into adults and have nothing to do with one & other. I'm terrified that I will be old sitting in a nursing home or something & each one of them can't be together in the same room together.

I suppose most of this comes out because there are people on both sides of my family who will probably never talk again. I don't even know the exact reason for some of them, but it saddens me. It saddens me to think that people who spend a good portion of their lives getting to know how the world operates will end a relationship over something, but nothing at all!

It seems to me that a lot of times the relationship dwindles over relationships that the family member enters in that the other family member doesn't approve of or like. That to me is just plain stupid. We are all can make our own stupid or educated choices. Most of us come form some sort of background that gives us the knowledge to make the life altering choices. And most of all... if & when these choices fail in our lives, our family who is there forever is there to help us through the hump.

It saddens me that we can throw our family out the window & worship others like they're Gods who try to tear our families apart.

That being said I love & appreciate both of my parents & both of my brothers & always support them in their decisions!

I just hope some people learn from others mistakes.... just sayin.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

~didn't make me happy, but.....

It was a bittersweet feeling to me when the Canada world Juniors ended their game against Russia like this:
And Russia ended their bid for gold like this:
....just saying....

Onto other things.... I lay in bed at night & think of these super amazing things I'm going to write, then I wake up in the morning & their gone... But I promise they're going to come back to me!

Oh & did you notice anything different about my blog??? It's all thanks to my dear long time friend Rachel! Check her out, I think you'll love her to!

So I have this idea of a post called... "family isn't Forever...."

Maybe I'll run with it, maybe I wont!

Monday, January 3, 2011

~hockey.. USA vs. Canada

So for anyone who is wondering, I am 100% American, living in Canada. I love the country I live in, BUT am so in love with my country. I am & will always be an American. That's just how it is. I would never sit & badmouth Canadians, but tonight, they piss me off. It comes down to the great game of hockey. I suppose I should give a little background on my hockey lifetime....

I did not grow up loving the game that I completely adore now. In fact I was never introduced until Jeff, my first husband, introduced me to the San Jose Sharks way back in 2002. I believe this was directly after the Nation Hockey League lock out, I think. I still wasn't really 'into' hockey the way Jeff was, but tolerated him watching it on occasion (because in the USA hockey is not televised the way it is in Canada). Jeff goal was to get me to a real live Sharks game. Unfortunately that was to never happen before he died.

After Jeff passed away hockey was the last thing on my mind, UNTIL I met, fell in love & married my man from Canada. Jason loves and lives for hockey, as does most of this country. When I moved up north I fell in love with this sport too! It's the most entertaining sport to watch, EVER! I love it.

I cheer for the San Jose Sharks, that's how I roll. Was my first team... because i had to, & now it's my team cause that's how I'm rolling. I like to be difficult, I guess you should all know that about me. I'll say it again for all of you, I LIKE to be DIFFICULT! So I cheer for a team that's not in canada, that most Canadians don't cheer for, that I have come to love & adore! I'm passionate bout this team.

There are certain times when a 'team Canada' will verse a 'team USA' and that's when I straight up say, NO WAY NO HOW... it's all the USA..... I don't trash talk Canada's team, I just cheer BIG for USA.. ...

Well today was one of those days when USA lost to Canada, & let me tell you... most of the people I know are total jerks to me... it's almost like they expect me to cheer for Canada. Well for those people who think that they can shove it up their butts! I'm American, all American, eill always be 7 have no intentions of cheering for a Canadian team over an American team. I guarantee if any of you were in my boat you'd be the same!


You all should check these girls out... when you wanna be a blogger, weather or not you want to do it as a 'job' or do it because your like me & you wanna share your life & share your words then this is a great way to get your name out there as a blogger! It gets traffic to your blog, if you play along.

I was a SITS girl way back when, then I threw my tissy fit, left my blog & now am back... Imma be a SITS girl again. Starting today.

On a side note, I'm in the mood to throw stuff out, to SIMPLIFY!!!! I love it! Anyone wanna come 'spring clean' with me???

Sunday, January 2, 2011

~bit by bit

See, there are some changes happening. I suppose my main goal of 2011 is to get back into writing & sharing my life. Besides, what is this life if it's not shared?

It was a month or so back when my husband said to me that I needed to "simplify" my life. The very next day I sat down & thought about it, and that is just what I am making happen. I was busy this fall I didn't know which way was up. It was super stressful & it made me super sad. I didn't want to lay in bed thinking about what I couldn't possibly get done the next day. So something had to give right then & there... I choose to give up having a home based direct sales business. That has been one of the best decisions of my life. Although it was supposed to be a fun venture where I could make some extra cash, I hated it. So I dropped it. It felt oh so good.

In the mean time I am making some major changes to my small photography business and looking forward to simplifying that part of my life. I'll share with you whats twirling in my brain with these ideas! I think you'll love it.

As I was "simplifying" I got to thinking about what I was missing in my life that I wanted back, something to help me 'simplify'. Well... I missed blogging. I missed writing. I missed reading blogs. I missed it. Call it an addiction, but I love sharing in other peoples lives over the miles.

Now onto other duties in my "simplification" (is that a word?) of my life....

How do I simplify this??

2 year olds.....