Thursday, January 6, 2011

~didn't make me happy, but.....

It was a bittersweet feeling to me when the Canada world Juniors ended their game against Russia like this:
And Russia ended their bid for gold like this:
....just saying....

Onto other things.... I lay in bed at night & think of these super amazing things I'm going to write, then I wake up in the morning & their gone... But I promise they're going to come back to me!

Oh & did you notice anything different about my blog??? It's all thanks to my dear long time friend Rachel! Check her out, I think you'll love her to!

So I have this idea of a post called... "family isn't Forever...."

Maybe I'll run with it, maybe I wont!


Actuary Mom said...

hahah, I do the super amazing thing too. I started pulling out my phone and making a note of my awesome blog thought when I come up with it.

stopping by from sits.

CareGiving Daughter said...

Thank you visiting my blog and leaving me a note.

I knew you we would be friends when I saw opened your blog and saw HOCKEY!!! We are huge Seattle Thunderbird fans and get to as many games as we can--we even take mom with us. Before mom weused to go up to Vancouver to see the Canucks too. Love. Hockey.

Good to follow you.