Friday, January 7, 2011

~is family forever?

One of my biggest fears as my children grow into adult hood (yeah I have a while, but I still think about it) is that they will grow into adults and have nothing to do with one & other. I'm terrified that I will be old sitting in a nursing home or something & each one of them can't be together in the same room together.

I suppose most of this comes out because there are people on both sides of my family who will probably never talk again. I don't even know the exact reason for some of them, but it saddens me. It saddens me to think that people who spend a good portion of their lives getting to know how the world operates will end a relationship over something, but nothing at all!

It seems to me that a lot of times the relationship dwindles over relationships that the family member enters in that the other family member doesn't approve of or like. That to me is just plain stupid. We are all can make our own stupid or educated choices. Most of us come form some sort of background that gives us the knowledge to make the life altering choices. And most of all... if & when these choices fail in our lives, our family who is there forever is there to help us through the hump.

It saddens me that we can throw our family out the window & worship others like they're Gods who try to tear our families apart.

That being said I love & appreciate both of my parents & both of my brothers & always support them in their decisions!

I just hope some people learn from others mistakes.... just sayin.

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