Monday, January 3, 2011

~hockey.. USA vs. Canada

So for anyone who is wondering, I am 100% American, living in Canada. I love the country I live in, BUT am so in love with my country. I am & will always be an American. That's just how it is. I would never sit & badmouth Canadians, but tonight, they piss me off. It comes down to the great game of hockey. I suppose I should give a little background on my hockey lifetime....

I did not grow up loving the game that I completely adore now. In fact I was never introduced until Jeff, my first husband, introduced me to the San Jose Sharks way back in 2002. I believe this was directly after the Nation Hockey League lock out, I think. I still wasn't really 'into' hockey the way Jeff was, but tolerated him watching it on occasion (because in the USA hockey is not televised the way it is in Canada). Jeff goal was to get me to a real live Sharks game. Unfortunately that was to never happen before he died.

After Jeff passed away hockey was the last thing on my mind, UNTIL I met, fell in love & married my man from Canada. Jason loves and lives for hockey, as does most of this country. When I moved up north I fell in love with this sport too! It's the most entertaining sport to watch, EVER! I love it.

I cheer for the San Jose Sharks, that's how I roll. Was my first team... because i had to, & now it's my team cause that's how I'm rolling. I like to be difficult, I guess you should all know that about me. I'll say it again for all of you, I LIKE to be DIFFICULT! So I cheer for a team that's not in canada, that most Canadians don't cheer for, that I have come to love & adore! I'm passionate bout this team.

There are certain times when a 'team Canada' will verse a 'team USA' and that's when I straight up say, NO WAY NO HOW... it's all the USA..... I don't trash talk Canada's team, I just cheer BIG for USA.. ...

Well today was one of those days when USA lost to Canada, & let me tell you... most of the people I know are total jerks to me... it's almost like they expect me to cheer for Canada. Well for those people who think that they can shove it up their butts! I'm American, all American, eill always be 7 have no intentions of cheering for a Canadian team over an American team. I guarantee if any of you were in my boat you'd be the same!

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Mere said...

I know exactly how you feel. I love college football, especially Boise State because I live in Boise and I graduated from BSU. When BSU lost to UNR for the first time in 10 years I was shocked and hurt by the unsportsmanlike conduct of UNR fans. I got texts, calls and message that were just rude and taunting. I don't smack talk other teams and I would like the same respect. Keep your head up and be proud to support your team! :)