Friday, July 31, 2009

~recipe for disaster!

It's been a long long time coming, but it's fianlly blew up... Well let me just explain myself a little!

Now... back up... well lets say 16 or so months! Exhibit A:
Karley Mae! Mommy has 4 kids already who just happen to be on spring break when I bring this sweet thing home! And my house went KAAAA BOOOOMMMM

Okay, exhibit B, C, & D:

My life as a hockey mom- you all heard Sarah Palin either during the election or shortly after... thats right I'm a HOCKEY MOM! And I actually think thats self explanatory! I mean... HOLY MAN was I busy!
Exhibit E:
My lil snow bunny! She wants to be at the ski hill as often as I will let her! Luckily the ski bus gets her only blocks away and brings her back! Throw this into a hockey schedule & look out! Oh and on top of that... She tries gymnastics, speed skating, NUMBEROUS sleepovers & play dates! She keeps me hoppin!

Exhibit F:
Mix into all that, the handsome man above who didn't work for almost 5 months... And let me tell you...
This all was a recipe for DISASTER!!! My house has become a place where I feel sick! I can't decide if I'm coming or going while I'm in it...
so what have I been doing? (well besides taking pictures & absolutely loving it?) ORGANIZING!
So thats why I haven't been around!
(whew I'm outta breath!)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Remember sweet Stellan?? You'll find his story here . He's back in the hospital with SVT and he is in need of your prayers! This little man and his family are warriors, warriors of many kinds, but lately they've been warriors in their faith in God and what his plan is for Stellan. Please pray for him as he is yet again going through another trial with his heart problems and facing possibly another surgery!

~have you ever lost your pics??

I uploaded all my alaska pics onto facebook, so I know I got home with my camera card, but now that I'm ready to blog about my trip.... *poof* thier gone! well the card is gone... I mean it has to be here somewhere OR I put them on my computer & can't find them! Oh goodness... so wait for it somemore.. you have to see how amazing Alaska is! And as awesome of a trip it was it's so hard to come home.... makes going away almost not worth it! Anyway... Meet Julie & her beautiful kiddos:

Now, I'm not kidding you, that these kids we're awesome to take pics of because they were so "okay I'll do whatever the photographer tells me to do" and thats what they did! It was really fun!
I have been blessed and asked by baby ahava's mommy to do a photoshoot of her every month on her 1 month birthday- HOW FUN! and what good practice! Here is what we accomplished today:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Meet J & E... adorable! Oh and wait for it... alaska post commin up!

Aren't these 2 adorable? They were such a pleasure to photograpgh! Little E was such a ham and posing at every chance she got! And Mr. J was awesome to make sure his mom was tickling me and not HIM! Was lots of fun today! Here is a little sneak peek for their mom who is leaving on holidays soon and I wanted her to be able to see a little of what we got accomplished today! Thanks for letting me capture your beautiful children!

I plan on posting about Alaska soon... wait for it wait for it!