Friday, July 24, 2009

~have you ever lost your pics??

I uploaded all my alaska pics onto facebook, so I know I got home with my camera card, but now that I'm ready to blog about my trip.... *poof* thier gone! well the card is gone... I mean it has to be here somewhere OR I put them on my computer & can't find them! Oh goodness... so wait for it somemore.. you have to see how amazing Alaska is! And as awesome of a trip it was it's so hard to come home.... makes going away almost not worth it! Anyway... Meet Julie & her beautiful kiddos:

Now, I'm not kidding you, that these kids we're awesome to take pics of because they were so "okay I'll do whatever the photographer tells me to do" and thats what they did! It was really fun!
I have been blessed and asked by baby ahava's mommy to do a photoshoot of her every month on her 1 month birthday- HOW FUN! and what good practice! Here is what we accomplished today:

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