Friday, July 31, 2009

~recipe for disaster!

It's been a long long time coming, but it's fianlly blew up... Well let me just explain myself a little!

Now... back up... well lets say 16 or so months! Exhibit A:
Karley Mae! Mommy has 4 kids already who just happen to be on spring break when I bring this sweet thing home! And my house went KAAAA BOOOOMMMM

Okay, exhibit B, C, & D:

My life as a hockey mom- you all heard Sarah Palin either during the election or shortly after... thats right I'm a HOCKEY MOM! And I actually think thats self explanatory! I mean... HOLY MAN was I busy!
Exhibit E:
My lil snow bunny! She wants to be at the ski hill as often as I will let her! Luckily the ski bus gets her only blocks away and brings her back! Throw this into a hockey schedule & look out! Oh and on top of that... She tries gymnastics, speed skating, NUMBEROUS sleepovers & play dates! She keeps me hoppin!

Exhibit F:
Mix into all that, the handsome man above who didn't work for almost 5 months... And let me tell you...
This all was a recipe for DISASTER!!! My house has become a place where I feel sick! I can't decide if I'm coming or going while I'm in it...
so what have I been doing? (well besides taking pictures & absolutely loving it?) ORGANIZING!
So thats why I haven't been around!
(whew I'm outta breath!)

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