Tuesday, August 4, 2009

~need help

I'm loving this photography thing- SEE:

My issue is, I'm totally thinking on starting a business. I'm only doing these pics as sort of a business... I mean I haven't officially named myself yet, I don't have a business license, I'm not making killer money, I'm doing it for the fun, love & creative outlet involved in photography.

So, I'm stuck. Help me my bloggy friends, whats my next step & what do i do? Am I good enough to start up a very part time business?? Any insight is good!


Carrie said...

My motto: "Will the reward for curiosity be worse than not knowing?" I say go for it. Set up a photography only blog, and start advertising! There's nothing to lose and oodles to learn!

Lori Ashley said...

You'll only know until you try, but be prepared to put in more work than the amount of money you make for awhile.

I don't know a whole lot about starting your own business, I know it takes time to earn money. Start with a website, and a few listing. Then, I would suggest attending some baby expos, kids fairs, wedding fairs, etc. Sometimes you have to pay for the booth, sometimes you can do a trade of some sort. (for example - free booth, for free pics)

I have a friend that started her own business a few years ago and seems to be doing pretty well now. Check out her website and ask her opinion of your work. She has the eye for it and can give you some ideas on how she got off the ground.

You can do it! The best part is that you found something you love to do!

Lori Ashley said...

Oops - I forgot to tell you my friend's info.

Her name is Emily Wegley and her website is www.emilybethphoto.com.

Check it out!

flhtcui06 said...

Go for it Girl. I'll be your Biker Salesperson. We'll do my bike first and away you go.... ? ! I'll do my best helping you any way I can Sista.....