Wednesday, August 26, 2009

~it'll take you back

Do you remember before you died that John Mayers song " Your body is a Wonderland" was just coming out & making it HUGE?

And to top that off we were newlyweds?

And on top off that we were living apart as you had taken a job in the central coast area and I was stuck in Northern Nevada finishing out my last semester of school?

(oh & we were newly married & living apart?)

Oh and every single weekend you were driving the something like 6 hours to spend with your new bride?

AND to top that off when you left at the end of the weekend I was in tears & you call me from the top of the sierra nevada mountains & sing "you body is a wonderland" while I dreamed of the time you & I were going to be together as man & wife....

Do you remember that?

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Lori Ashley said...

And I hope you remember it too with joy in your heart for the time you had. And, I'm so thankful you came into our lives and that we can watch him live through J. We love you!