Sunday, August 23, 2009

~catching up a bit

Life is not always horrible in our home & we really do have lots of fun! Bath time for us most of the time is especially fun! Look at these 2 super stars hammin it up in the bathtub! Aren't they precious?

AND LOOK AT THIS HAIR! Ummm, ya he has a lot! And yes, it must prob get trimmed this week for school to start. But then again, out of all the boys, he has the BEST hair when it grows out... hmmm, now I'm think that I will let it grow all of hockey season... who needs hair cuts when your this handsome?


Introducing Little Things Photography

I'm please to announce that I've started a blog to further support my dream of becomming a professional photographer! I'm so excited & hope to further excell at my skills & also grow my business. Although I have no posted anything YET, I will, I promise! Very soon! (school starts in 1 week & time will be on my side). Check it out from time to time:
And please check out my facebook group!


Swim lessons

Last week & this week I'm finding my mornings at the pool learning 2 of them to swim, which I think both of them will FLUNK their lessons :( This little man bumped up from preschool lessons to level 2 this year, and it's a little over his head. I wish we had started him in level 1! Oh well, a few times in level 2 & he'll be good to go.

Here was their greatest spectator last week!

Miss Alyssa has been plugging her nose & that is NOT allowed in level 6 or any of the levels for that matter... she better stop it!
Mason & connor were in VBS last week & of course I didn't get any pics (although I have an insider who did and I hope intends to e-mail me some, please Sheila!) Both boys really enjoyed their time at VBS & are now looking forward to some down time at the water park this week.


Mason attended his first ever sleep away camp this summer! He had a BLAST! In face one of my greatest memories of picking him up is him crying because it was time to go home, see:

But I know he had lots of fun & was only crying because it was so short in his little life. He will definatly be going back next year! Look at the friends he made:


Connor's Summer Fun

Meet Connor's new friend Liam! This little guy & Connor hit it off from day 1. Liam lives just down the way from us & his dad is buddies with Connor's dad! So it seems perfect that they just adore each other!

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