Sunday, August 16, 2009

~the chance to say goodbye

**caution- if you intend to watch:

Do not read this blog entry as it contains spoilers! And I do highly recommend this movie!**

I went to the show last night, awesome chick flick! I loved it. I did get teary eyed (not as much as my girlfriend who I went with) but more than sad it really sparked me to get thinking. First I instantly thought of:Jeff (for those of you who don't know, he was my first husband who died in a tragic car accident in 2003). Not in a sad sort of way, remembering the accident that took his life. But more along the lines of never having the chance to say goodbye. He was taken so fast that there was never a chance to hug on him, kiss his face, cry and say goodbye as Claire did with Henry (in The Time Travelers Wife) while he was on his way out. I thought about how fortunate Claire was to be able to tell Henry goodbye.
Anyway, it made me think about death as a whole, as it surrounds us each and every day. What would it be for each of us to know that the time was coming for one of our loved ones or ourselves was coming that we were going to die. Would most people say goodbye and be able to accept it and move on in their lives? How would it be if we all knew?
There were lots of times when I thought about Jeff and his last moments laying on a ER bed with no one but doctors working on him. None of his family was with him to hold his hand as he crossed to the other side. Sometimes I really hate that I didn't get to say goodbye to my sweet dear loving hubby. I never ever saw him after he passed away, and I think in a way that was a bad choice. I wish I had a few moments (hours) with his dead body to tell him all the things that would have come into my mind to tell him. I would have stroked his sweet cheek, kissed his cold lips, hugged his lifeless body and said so many things that I have wanted to say.
So I guess if I had the moment to do over again, I'd take the opportunity to say my goodbyes in the last moment of desperation.
As far as The Time Travelers Wife it was a very good, slow moving, mind boggling movie, and I think most women would love it!

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