Monday, August 31, 2009

~4, 3 & 1

And they're off! I was anticipating today with so much happiness! And really, it was a good day. Jason came home last night and so was able to drop the kids off with me today. Then Connor, Karley, my hubby, & I had a TON of stuff to do as I have a honey-do list longer than santa's "good list"! So here they are on the morning of:
aren't they stunning?

This is my most beautiful Alyssa! She is in grade 4 as of today! I can remember me being in grade 4 and now my oldest baby is in grade 4! How time flies! She was the one who was definatly NOT looking forward to school this year. She was burnt out on homework toward the end of last year and so it made her not look forward to school! She's a summer girl, I suppose. Mr. Mason man started grade 3 this year! He was super excited! He's really maturing a lot lately and came home so excited that he actually gets to take AR tests this year. He has no idea, I think! He was a little upset this morning as I told him he had his old bus driver back that actually makes him behave on the bus! I was thrilled that he'd be heald accountable! Isn't his eyes gorgeous in this shot?
My Jameson... off to grade 1:( Okay, it wasn't that bad. But he sits in a DESK now and not at a table! Oh & has his deask all full of his supplies. Oh and he's gone all 5 days this year (didn't i already blog about that??). He's growing so fast & I'm excited to see his lil brain busy at work this year! Of course he came home SO exhausted he couldn't even see straight! It's gonna be a good sleep tonight! And tomorrow is Connor's first day of kindergarden! wow! Time sure flies when your having mostly fun & a little not so fun! Cheers to 2009 school year!


Rachel said...

I love the first day of school and we had our first day today as well!! It was peace full bliss all day while they were gone, yeah I know I'm a terrible parent who loves that her kids are in school. :)

Now I have to go blog about it, well after we eat dinner and pick beans and pick up peaches and and and.......

Mammatalk said...

Wow! You've got a trunk full of kids. The toddler years must have been interesting!

Lots of luck for a great new school year!