Thursday, September 3, 2009

~Kindergarten & 35

This boy started kindergarten on Tuesday! Isn't he the most handsome thing ever? His blue eyes never ever cease to give me shivers, esp. looking at them in pictures. Yep, Connor is going to be a heart throb! Taking bids now for arranged marriage!

But seriously, I'm so blessed that none of my kids are scared of school. I suppose with all the changes in their lives over the years they've had to learn to adapt quickly! I always pity the mom who has to leave their 5 year old in a classroom crying and wanting to come home. But my children, thus far, are not like that! Anyhow, Connor is well on his way to a successful year in kindergarten & I adore ADORE adore his teacher who Jameson had last year! It's going to be such a great year for him!
Somebody in our house turned 35 today! I was thinking about it... and I can't even fathom being 35. What must it be like? And not joking either. I'm closer in age to 25 than I am to 35... weird! Yep... he likes the younger bomb shells & I like the older more "mature" men! Anyhow, let me take this opportunity to say to this 35 year old "thanks for being the amazing husband & father that you are!! We love you!"

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Rachel said...

He is such a cutie and those eyes!! Do you think we could arrange a marriage between him & Miss Addison? :) She's not that much younger! ;)