Monday, September 7, 2009

~2 wheeled weekend!

It was a productive weekend if you ask me! The greatest part was that we were all together as a family! We did lots of fun stuff that didn't involve ever having to leave our home!
I prepped Mason's bedroom while Jason was away working & Mason has been bunking it in mom & dads room while his bedroom was "under construction." Well it is now 99.9% finished! It looks awesome thanks to the handy painting of my handsome hubby!
Jameson asked me at the beginning of summer to take his training wheels off so he could ride a 2-wheeler like his friend Landon. I did, but he was not ready to join the world of 2 wheelers yet & had to have his training wheels back on while up in Alaska (in fact I believe Papa had to buy him new ones to put on his bike!). Well this weekend we pressed forward & he is now a 2 Wheeling fool! The next morning after learning his new skill he was up first thing asking me to ride his bike. And the rest is history! He keeps getting better & better.

Of course Jameson & Connor are 2 peas in a pod & Connor must also learn this new found freedom of 2-Wheeling! He's also doing awesome! Soon they'll both be ready to jump all the hills out in the field next to our home.

We had a n awesome wiener roast on Sunday night & the kids totally enjoyed themselves! And our garages are about organized & finished! As soon as I get the laundry done & the floors washed I think I'll pull out fall decorations. Oh wait... I must make salsa & pickle beets first! Happy short week!


Susan said...

I knew he could do it. Three cheers for Jameson.

Amie said...

it sounds like a busy but very fun weekend! My girlfriends and I had girls weekend this weekend, what a blast that was.

Carrie said...

Good grief that's a lot of productivity

our b life said...

Totally lovin' the two-wheelin'. Thanks for visiting my blog!!

I'm following you.