Thursday, September 10, 2009


yep, ladies & gents that's me! Ha ha, okay just kidding, but seriously my 18 month old is still nursing & really, I don't want to stop. But what is with lots & lots of people suggesting that "its about time she got off that stuff" or "yes, you should wean her." Like why should I get her off the breast? For the most part I'm only feeding her to sleep (okay I know that's a no no, but I've done it from day one & DO NOT appreciate your opinion on that one!).

There is times when I think it's time she's cut off... like the times when I think about going on a far off exotic vacation all alone when the children are left with their father (who am I kidding?) Or the time when I want to come home sloppy drunk & remain drunk for weeks (ya, that is so me, eh?) and sometimes when I just want to lay her down to sleep in her bed & be on my merry way doing absolutely nothing like blogging or face booking!

But I have a ton of reasons why I want to continue and plan to continue for a bit yet... And if you insist I'll give you a few of them:

♥She's my baby, my last baby (the cord is cut & the sample has been given, no more babies) and I can't seem to come to grips that I will never have this bond with another child in my whole entire life. I want to make it last as long as I possibly can.
♥It's healthy for her, but it's healthy for me too! Did you know that breastfeeding can cut your risk of breast cancer? Well that's reason enough keep her attached if you ask me!
♥I love the time I get with her, just sitting in the rocking chair, her looking up at me, suckling away, completely content. She's a toddler now & completely on the run so when would I get my little love time? I gotta enjoy it for the now!
♥I can at any moment take away her pain & fear! All I have to offer her is 'the goods'
♥she's never been on a bottle, really, she will kinda suck one, but not that much, so why would I make her give up her sucking and loving it for a hard sippy cup?

and the main point it we love it, her & I. We both like it & I'd appreciate it if it's my decision when I stop! (but I promise to never ever ever let her come to me in public and lift my shirt & start sucking! I promise!)


Stella said...

I nursed all of my kids until they, themselves gave it up. Maybe it is the "baby of the family" thing, but John was also still nursing at 18 months old. But out of the blue one day, he decided to stop.

Enjoy these days, they are precious.

Raising Z said...

this is a personal decision that you need to make for yourself. Don't let anyone tell you what you "should" be doing. I tearfully decided to stop at 15 months (because my diet was so strict because my baby was sensitive to everything!) but my friend nursed her twins at night until they were 2 and my sister in-law nursed until after 3! I say as long as it is a special time for you at night (and she is not doing it all day long)....go as long as you both want to :)

roadrunner201 said...

Well said. I wish people wouldn't barge in on other peoples decisions, especially when it is such a good decision. The WHO recommends nursing through age 2.

Anonymous said...

We're still nursing here as almost 17 months. Although I am VERY ready to be done with this comfort nursing, I can also say that I agree that there is nothing better than being able to offer them love and a safe place to be comforted that no one else can do. I am hoping that soon, my little man will decide he's ready to give up his attachment to my 5th and 6th appendages. ;) We're hoping a number 3 will be on the way soon...I'd like a little hiatus for their sake before we start all over again. :)