Thursday, May 29, 2008

He's 5!!!

My baby boy is five. I can't beleive it. I'm so happy that he's turned out to be an amazing young lil boy, but where is my baby? and how come it is so hard to remember him being a newborn?

For his birthday he is super excited! We've rented a hotel room at the Medicine Hat Lodge and we're going to water slide on these 2 awesome huge waterslides till out hearts are content. Jameson is such a water boy- he LOVES anything water! So I'll post pics from the night out on the town!

Karley is 2 months old already! She is smiling more and more. She went for her first shots yesterday and cried so hard. I was crying right along with her, it makes me so sad. She weighs 11 lbs 13.5 oz. She handled the needles pretty well as far as any grumpiness or anything. I noticed today she's a bit tempremental.

I'm ready to get my scrapbook table back up and start my creatice juices flowing. I keep saying I'll do it once I get my house in order and the laundry caught up and the kids' rooms cleaned, but I think tonight I've come to the conclusion thats NEVER going to happen, so I'll have to move one pile to another so I can get to my craft center! I'm really excited to scrap book the picture of all the boys together- calling it brothers. I'll have to post how it looks when finished! I'm also thinking on getting a new camera that will take better pics, who has a SLR and are they hard to use? I guess I'll have to do my research.

Jason has been busy working! He's welding on a deck and I went and checked it out today- now I want him to get busy on one for me! (in his spare time, ummm- ya right!)

So thats the latest news... wish it was mroe exciting, but thats about it!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

She's a smilin!!!

I finally caught a picture of Karley smiling! I love it so much when she smiles at me, and as she is growing she is smiling more and more.

In Canada, it was Victoria Day on monday, so we had a long weekend. We spent it in Yorkton (where jason grew up) and at the lake that Jason's mom and dad live at. It was awesome! One of the highlights of the trip was Karley meeting Jason's Grandpa (so Karley's great Grandpa). He loved her SO much! I haven't seen him smile or that happy in a long time. I'm so greatful for the picture I have of Karley meeting her great grandparent!

Anyway, it's rainy here and I love how green the grass is getting! Summer is on it's way! woo hoo!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

10 days... I'm a little behind

I've had a cold the last 10 days and have been miserable. I'm finally on the mend, but was staying away from the computer. Anyway, this weekend is exciting for us. We're heading to Yorkton, Sask to visit family! This trip is going to be great because Karley gets to meet her Great Grandpa! This is probably Jason's Grandpa's last great grand child... maybe the next one will be a GREAT GREAT?!?!

Karley is growing like crazy! Someone made the comment the other day that she has some cheeks to grow into- I agree. Today I was floored while watching "A Baby Story" on TLC.... these twins were 3 months old and only weighed 9 pounds... My girl is huge compared! Last week at her 6 week apt. she weighed 10.87. She's growing!

We're getting all out plans finalized for summer... Looks like I may have a WHOLE week with only karley- what an I going to do?!!? SCRAP BOOK!!! WOOOP WOOOP!

Look what I came home to the other night?!?! He loves it! It's his dinosaur spikes!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

First Swim

I am huge into swimming and love that my kids LOVE water! So... here I am with Karley Mae today introducing her to the swimming pool! She loved it! Can't wait for many more days swimming with her!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

they think it's summer out there!!

The kids we're HOT HOT HOT in this 65 degree and sunny weather! I told them they are to stay outside today! While whining about being to hot and wanting snow, daddy set up their new slip and slide! They has SO much fun! Jameson and Connor had the funnest:)

Connor had a tough time sliding all the way down the slide... when I convinced him to go on his tummy like Jameson he flew down the slide! Was so cute. He never complained once about being cold.

Jameson was the best slider. He is our water boy. As soon as the water came on he was under it. Before he even had his trunks on his clothes were SOAKED. He is the kid that went down the slide the most today!

Mason had a blast! He would start WAY back and slide right off of the end of the slip-n-slide. I had to slow him down a bit! I was afraid he'd get grassburn. When he got cold he went out and laid on the cement wall to warm up! Good thinking mason!

Alyssa was the first kid to get cold! Her way of warming up was jumping on the trampoline. I couldn't get any good pics of her jumping. She only went down the slide about 4 times before she got cold and she was the one complaining the most about being cold.... wimp.

I was reading about starting baby on a bottle for the first time. The recomendation is 5-6 weeks... and thats my Karley girl! So She had a bottle for the first time this morning. She did okay with it. I'm sure if it was formula she wouldn't have taken it. She drank only about 1 ounce... but I didn't want to try it when she was startving... so we'll try again another day too.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Auntie Pam loves this baby girl!

Auntie Pam loves this girl (auntie pam is grandma linda's sister so I guess it's great auntie pam) Whenever there is a baby born she always does a "theme." He theme for Karley was Lady Bugs. I wanted to show you how amazing auntie pam is- she made the most adorable quilt... which is so amazing that I guess I need to stick to scrap booking, cause God knows I can't sew that good. Anyway... she bought a bunch of lady bug outfits and made a diaper bay and a little clutch bag to match as well! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Elizabeth also sent the most adorable little blanket (the ones that have the reddy bear on top) with a lady bug on it! Anyway... How adorable!!! Wish I was a creative as Pam:)

Is she a weed???

She is growin like mad this Karley girl! I took her by the community health center (they have a baby scale for the public to use!) to weigh her, I was sure she was growing, but didn't know how much! Over 10 pounds! I'm sure at her 6 week check-up she'll be 11 pounds! she LOVES to eat:)

The other night Jason was a big fat grump... at me and the older kids. I tried to get him to head out on his bike for a quick rip, but instead he opted to hold his baby girl. There she sat in his arms in the prayer position and Jason instantly snapped out of his grump mode! This girl is full of faith!