Saturday, May 3, 2008

they think it's summer out there!!

The kids we're HOT HOT HOT in this 65 degree and sunny weather! I told them they are to stay outside today! While whining about being to hot and wanting snow, daddy set up their new slip and slide! They has SO much fun! Jameson and Connor had the funnest:)

Connor had a tough time sliding all the way down the slide... when I convinced him to go on his tummy like Jameson he flew down the slide! Was so cute. He never complained once about being cold.

Jameson was the best slider. He is our water boy. As soon as the water came on he was under it. Before he even had his trunks on his clothes were SOAKED. He is the kid that went down the slide the most today!

Mason had a blast! He would start WAY back and slide right off of the end of the slip-n-slide. I had to slow him down a bit! I was afraid he'd get grassburn. When he got cold he went out and laid on the cement wall to warm up! Good thinking mason!

Alyssa was the first kid to get cold! Her way of warming up was jumping on the trampoline. I couldn't get any good pics of her jumping. She only went down the slide about 4 times before she got cold and she was the one complaining the most about being cold.... wimp.

I was reading about starting baby on a bottle for the first time. The recomendation is 5-6 weeks... and thats my Karley girl! So She had a bottle for the first time this morning. She did okay with it. I'm sure if it was formula she wouldn't have taken it. She drank only about 1 ounce... but I didn't want to try it when she was startving... so we'll try again another day too.

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