Thursday, May 22, 2008

She's a smilin!!!

I finally caught a picture of Karley smiling! I love it so much when she smiles at me, and as she is growing she is smiling more and more.

In Canada, it was Victoria Day on monday, so we had a long weekend. We spent it in Yorkton (where jason grew up) and at the lake that Jason's mom and dad live at. It was awesome! One of the highlights of the trip was Karley meeting Jason's Grandpa (so Karley's great Grandpa). He loved her SO much! I haven't seen him smile or that happy in a long time. I'm so greatful for the picture I have of Karley meeting her great grandparent!

Anyway, it's rainy here and I love how green the grass is getting! Summer is on it's way! woo hoo!

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DraperM said...

She is absolutely adorable. Love it when they first start smiling. Hope you are having a great week.