Wednesday, May 14, 2008

10 days... I'm a little behind

I've had a cold the last 10 days and have been miserable. I'm finally on the mend, but was staying away from the computer. Anyway, this weekend is exciting for us. We're heading to Yorkton, Sask to visit family! This trip is going to be great because Karley gets to meet her Great Grandpa! This is probably Jason's Grandpa's last great grand child... maybe the next one will be a GREAT GREAT?!?!

Karley is growing like crazy! Someone made the comment the other day that she has some cheeks to grow into- I agree. Today I was floored while watching "A Baby Story" on TLC.... these twins were 3 months old and only weighed 9 pounds... My girl is huge compared! Last week at her 6 week apt. she weighed 10.87. She's growing!

We're getting all out plans finalized for summer... Looks like I may have a WHOLE week with only karley- what an I going to do?!!? SCRAP BOOK!!! WOOOP WOOOP!

Look what I came home to the other night?!?! He loves it! It's his dinosaur spikes!

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