Monday, April 20, 2009

~10 years... scary day- scary future...

Today marks 10 years since that sad sad day in Colorado. I think that it's such a big deal to me because it was my senior year in high school that this terrible crime happened. I'll remember exactly where I was standing when I heard the news.. I was in our school library (ironic since a lot of the murders happened in the Columbine High School Library), just walked past the librarian's (Mrs. Evans) desk, when I saw people glued to the television, I instantly heard the news and my heart sank. I was so terribfied to be in school that day. And I was heart broken for the children who lost their lives that day also. It has changed so much how I feel about sending my own kids to school. People always thought it would never happen to them, and now look? It's happening all over the world, these terrible school shootings. I'm terrified to this day to watch my children grow & mature in a school, I don't know who those kids are who are walking right along with my children, I also don't know whats going on in their mind. And also, what I've been thinking about- how can I be a better parent so that my children don't become attackers themselves? Thats is a parents other worst nightmare, not just to lose their children to an attack in a school, but for one of their children to become so bitter and angry that they too attack another classmate. My thoughts and prayers are with the families as they mark another year their loved ones have been gone.

If you could would you please say a prayer for Stellan tonight & tomorrow?

If you remember, little stellan is a sick baby boy with something wrong with his heart. He is having surgery tomorrow to try to correct this problem. Doctors usually do not perform this surgery on babies so young, so please pray for him and his mom Jennifer as she endures hours of waiting as her baby is opened up on the operating table?

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