Saturday, April 18, 2009

~ He is so so GOOD!

Meet my in real life friend Amanda, isn't she beautiful? And meet her NEW baby girl Isabella Jane (Bella)- isn't motherhood perfect on her?
There is such an amazing story about sweet little Bella and how she came into Amanda's life. I'm not exactly sure of the whole story, but I know if & when I dig a little deeper it's going to be an amazing and touching story! Lets travel back to how I met miss Amanda....

I'm not exactly sure of the year (do you know amanda?)- but it was in our college days, and those were the days let me tell you! She wrote this amazing paper about being a Christian, and read it to the class (we were in an english class together), after class i knew I had to get to know this girl! So I made a bee line for her and introduced myself. Well, through the college years she was one of my rocks. She made me a stronger, better person. I envied her! Her faith in God is one that is AMAZING and never faltering. I wanted to be like her so bad, but if I couldn't be like her I wanted to be part of her life! And that I was, and thankfully, still am. I married the man I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with, Jeff, and moved to California, away from my dear friend. But she kept me in her prayers almost daily I'm sure. She wrote me snail mail (can u beleive people USED to write letters? haha) and boosted me in my life everytime I received her letters. Then the time came when Jeff went to be with the Lord... Amanda touched my heart by attending a memorial service held for him in Reno while his actual service was held in Cali. I don't think she knows this, but she wrote in a memory book for Jeff and what she wrote touched me so very much... It helped hold me together in that time of my life.
Anyway, time went on and my life changed more and more. Then it was time for my dear friend to get married. I was more than honored when she asked me to be bridesmaid in her wedding. I mean, she wanted me to stand up and witness one of the most touching love stories of all time. I can't even begin to express what a total privledge is was to be part of that day. It's still one that is near and dear to my heart.
Amanda and I have kept in touch over the years. Yes, we don't get to talk often but I feel like when we're able to touch base its the most beautiful times spent!

Now meet Ben & Bella:

Ben is Amanda's most honoring husband. He's a man that is one I admire all the time! Ben's story touched me deeply when I lost my first husband in the car accident. Ben lost his mom while he was still in high school, she was also killed in a senseless auto accident. Ben never gave up his faith in the Lord. Ben is one strong man, one who I am so happy to have gotten to know through the years! One man, who is going to make a terrific dad!

So amanda & I got together last summer and she shared with me that her and Ben were going forward with adoption plans. I'm not exactly sure why they can't have a baby, but thats besides the point! Look at these 2 gorgeous parents gazing on at little Bella in the hospital nursery:

This little baby:

Was loved and prayed for before she was even a glimmer in her parent's eyes....

This little baby

is right where God intended her to be when she was conceived. She is in the perfect home, with the PERFECT family. I am blessed to know this story and to know that God does work in miraculous ways! Welcome home Bella! I can't wait to meet you!

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