Friday, April 17, 2009

~what I've been up to lately...

...a 9th birthday. I feel awful because my oldest celebrated her 9th birthday on March 13rh and here we are OVER a month later and I'm only blogging about it. Terrible mom? I think so, at least at the moment. 9 things i love LOVE love about my girl
1) her INFECTIOUS SMILE (can't you see it in this picture?)
2) also her obnoxious laugh! Gotta love a girl who can make YOU laugh all the time with her laugh
3)Her gentleness to her baby sister, I think she's very greatful she has a sissy now and not only 3 yucky boys!
4)Her ability to find good in just about everything and everyone
5)Her sensitive side... she gets her feelers hurt a little more than the average 3rd grader!
6)Her independence... She gets to do way more than the boys because she's my oldest and I know she can! She's proved it time & time again
7)The type of friend that she is, I think that the friends she has are pretty darn lucky
8)Her love of anumals and that she hopes to persue that in her occupation some day!
9)That she's been with me since day 1 and will always be my lil punky with a million nic-names

...a FIRST birthday party that was a HIT! We had about 50 people to our home for beef on a bun and we had SO much fun! Karley was SPOILED with adorable clothes.
I love how her invitations turned out and intend on making a lot more there they came from.
Her cake of course was built for a princess!
and a special thank you to my buddy Rachel for helping out with the cupcake toppers! Karley cupcakes were a hit! Karley looked ADORABLE with her tutu- it was a day fit for a princess.
And I'd say the cake tasted pretty darn good, although it took her a while to dig in!
Happy Birthday to my youngest princess... I can't believe how big she is getting already.
onto other business:
I was blessed with the privledge to shoot a friends wedding last weekend and I think for my first photo shoot things turned out REALLY good!!! I look forward to doing more pics in the near future!

Anyway, I'e had 3 weeks of company at my house and the last of them left this am, and now I'm feeling a little lonely and a little out of sorts... All alone again!


Rachel said...

Ahh Happy late birthday to your girlies! :) They are both so cute, and your cupcakes turned out so darling. So glad I could help you out with them.


Carrie said...

I LOVE the cake toppers and that adorable tutu!