Monday, February 9, 2009

~A few things on my mind lately

This family does not know me and I do not know them, but through another blog that I follow I learned that yesterday their beautiful baby girl Cora passed away after a short (about 2 weeks) battle with cancer. Please keep this beautiful family in your thoughts and prayers. I think this story hits home so much because my baby girl is so close in age. I can't even imagine what they are going through; I can feel their pain deep in the middle of my heart. I wish that this big word wasn't so cruel.

This woman, Melanie Serr-Ferguson, passed away last Thursday. This one touches so close to home because she is the mom of one of Jameson's friends in kindergarden. Although she was in palative care for sometime now, it's still hard to know that another little child is out there without a mommy to care and raise her. I must simply fall to my knees and beg God to comfort her family and bring them through this tough time.

Oh man... 8 BABIES? What in the world is she going to do not only with 8 of them by herself but also with 6 more at home? I sure hope that the community in which she lives steps up and helps her out!! What a miracle and amazing story! I wish her only the best!

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Suzee said...

Oh, no doubt I loved your package. I didn't blog about it because my camera was broke, and my kids had most of the items scattered in minutes. When a package comes, they think they should "help" me out. However, please know that I LOVED it. Also, I follow your blog and I have loved to watch your posts and get to know you.