Wednesday, February 4, 2009

~wordless wednesday


Rachel said...

Oh my gosh!! Look at her! Okay, seriously when did she suddenly grow up so stinking fast! ;) Love the Pj's we have the same pair!

And yes I do have Photoshop CS3 gotta love an early christmas present. Now I just need to take more pictures. :)

Carrie said...

If she's dancing she's got style! I'm glad you received the package, I woke up about an hour ago wondering if it had made it. I'm relieved it did. Now that I know you received yours I'm going to open the one you sent me....can't wait.

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

I did get your package in the mail yesterday. Oh my goodness. I was completely blown away and amazed at how kind and generous you have been during this swap. My daughter love, love, loved everything that you sent to her as did I. I can not thank you enough.

With that said, you must be wondering where your package is. Well, the truth is that I haven't sent it yet. In the past three weeks, my grandmother died and my husband lost his job. I have been slightly sidetracked and I feel terrible that one of things that feel off the radar was the swap. I hope that you accept my sincere appologies. I am normally a person who is pretty much "on top of her game" and all of this has sidetracked me.

With that said, I went out to shop for your "swap" today. With Valentine's Day a week away and things at Homesense fairly "picked over", I wondered what to do. I thought about what I would want done in this situation and I decided to do an Easter theme instead of a Valentine's Day Theme. All of their Easter stuff was just recently put on their shelves. That way, you will get nice things and have some time to display it. I hope that you like what I got you and you are "o.k." with this.. Again, I am so obviously put a lot of thought into this swap. I was thrilled with how nice everything was that you sent my way. I hope that you enjoy what I am sending you...even if it is late!!

Artystitches said...

Hi, i recieved your message and i have never recieved anything for the swap. naomi

Yarngoddess said...

What an AWESOME pic!!! This is one great dancing girly!!! What a HAM! Love it!!