Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Little Cowboy

Connor is my cowboy through and through, and let me tell you I LOVE IT! He is so much fun. Connor has been gone over a month now in Saskatchewan visiting his gramma and grandpa and I MISS him! We have been doing a small remodel on out house for the past 6 or so weeks adding another bedroom on so that all the kids will have their own. Well today we have pretty much finiahed Connor's room, and he's gone. I can't wait for him to get home and fall in love with his 'Cowboy' room. He's the last of our kids to get their room done pretty much exactly how they wanted it!

Not a lot else is happening. I have had one false alarm with labor and now am having some more happenings today... but am trying to keep busy and not pay too much attention to it.. IT'll happen, right? I wont be uncomfortably pregnant forever, will I? Anyway, I'm looking forward to 4 things in particular in my life at this time: Getting my hands on my baby girl, spring flowers popping through, My mom coming to visit and Connor coming home! Good things are happening in the near future! I'll keep you posted!

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