Thursday, November 6, 2008


Edward Cullen from the Twilight Series books... don't you think he look like a great looking Edward for the books and the movie? I sure think so!


Pinktulip said...

He looks so cute! I am still mourning the fact that my kids are now "too big" to dress up for halloween! Last year I could still bribe them to dress up at home for scrapbook photos, but this year it does not suit the "image" with girls...I see you are also into Xbox Guitar Hero? I bought it for my son on his 13th birthday last month and I am busy making him a fabric guitar case for it. I will drop you a note when I have posted the end result. Hope you have a great weekend!

Julie said...

That awesome! my friend is loaning me books 3 & 4 this weekend - can't wait to finish the series!

Also, just checking to make sure you receive an email from me with your ornament swap partner's info. If you received it no need to reply - just let me know if you didn't. Check your spam filter too! : )

Julie from