Sunday, November 23, 2008

~MIA- my life in a nutshell these last few weeks

So, the weekend of the birthday was wonderFUL!!! My fabulous inlaws came to visit for their birthday and stayed for a week! I, in the mean time, was off to the Good 'Ol US of A to get in some much needed retail therapy.... with my
MOM! Thats right, it was a girls only trip with my mom, Karley and I. It was so much fun! We shopped ALL DAY long and then when we got back to the hotel room in the evenings we wrapped all the presents! It, I think, should become an annual, or at least semi- annual event in my life to do this with my fabulous mom!
Upon returning to Med. Hat I was lucky enough to have a date with my little boys.... during the day I was parent helper in Jameson's kindergarten class- which I LOVED and thanks to my wonderful MIL I didn't have to worry about baby Karley! That night was a great chance for Jameson, Connor and I to have a special night, just the 3 of us, with a wonderful friend of mine and her boys! We went to see the live play of Franklin! It was so awesome and I think my boys throughly enjoyed it. One of the highlights for me was watching my very BRAVE friend go up on stage and...

SING! thats right- she was so brave and has a wonderful voice! It was lots of fun. Thanks to my genuis friend for the great idea of getting the tickets and having a night out on the town- lets do it again soon.
Mason got to have a sleepover party for his birthday and it went wonderful! It was the first sleepover for his friends and none of them got homesick! I've opened a can of worms and know there is going to be many more sleepovers in Mason's future!

Little Miss K is pulling herself up and standing EVERYwhere!!! And of course she is so proud. I love when she crawls over to my legs and pulls herself up while saying.. mamamama

Jameson, my 5 year old kindergartener... lost his FIRST tooth! that thing was worth $7.00.. wow I remember when I got a few quarters... hmmm... whats going on in this day and age with that tooth fairy!

And I leave you today of a shot of my beautiful blue eyes baby who won 2ND place in the baby photo contest I entered her in! Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote for her!


Pinktulip said...

How exciting! A girls' shopping trip. The best! You still worry about the kids though and feel guilty...silly, but that's a mother.

I go to my post box virtually every day and you do not want to hear my language when it's empty! There seems to be a pattern though - I only get parcels on Mondays and Fridays. Not sure why. Nothing last Friday so let's hope for today! I will let you know as soon as I get it though!

I looked at the picture of your little girl fresh from her bath and it brought such memories back. My boys are HUGE now and hugging and kissing is reserved for girlfriends now...Miss their baby bodies...

Have a great Monday!


Pinktulip said...

Oh, and congratulations! She should have won darn it! She was by far the pretiest baby entered!

J said...

she really is cute, what contest did you enter her in? i just entered my little girl in and i want to see what else is out there!

Wendy Smith said...

gorgeous looking family...lovely to get a glimpse into your life

Yarngoddess said...

You have been SUPER busy! How fun! Your mom looks great, and it sounds like you guys had a great time! I agree that it should be an anual or semi-anual thing! How cool.
All your other pics are great too! You give a great detailed account of life with lots of kids! I love all the activity that you've got going on! We would love to see a pic of YOU too!

~Kellie Shankles