Monday, January 12, 2009

~Up on her very tip toes

Life has been so crazy hectic lately and I haven't been very good at keeping up on my blog. But I am going to try harder to be on top of things! I'm getting pretty computer savy when it comes to creating things lately. I've made 1 hockey program, am working on #2. I've made some wedding invitations- have some lines on some others, Am helping make a guest book for a wedding and my baby girl is ALMOST 1 year old and I need to get a jump start on the invitations as this is the last first birthday party that I get to throw. So busy is my middle name lately, but I will get caught up!

Little Kalrey is of course growing like a weed, and I can't take it much more. Seriously she HAS got to slow WAY down. I caught her the other day in the bath room peeking over the tub as I was running a bath for her- she got WAYYYY up on her tip toes to peek in anticipation of the fun times about to come in the tub! I of course caught these super cute shots! Enjoy...

I'm going to try to do my wordless wednesday's again... and I know just the shots that involve... snow, jason, the boys, and the hot tub! It's gonna be a hoot!

So, until wednesday- chow!

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Yarngoddess said...

THAT is SO CUTE!!!! I love the nakey bobo pic! She's SO big! Up on her tip toes!!! YEAH!

deep breaths mom....