Friday, January 16, 2009

~kickin around some ideas.....

Not that I don't have enough on my plate- but I was just thinking of some ways that I could bring some income into our home on a more regular basis- So I've been deep in thought lately and am not sure with which direction to turn-

~I love photography and if I wisely did some photo shoots i could pull in some extra cash- I have a pretty good camera, some good lenses, and photoshop to edit- I just have to start with all natural light in the pics- ya know the out door types- And then as I supplemented our income I could buy a few things here and there to get my feet off the ground even more... oh and i also need to take a couple of photoshop classes... just to become better at what I love to do

~I'm a scrapbook maniac and i love it so much. I am currently making some invitations for a friend of mine that is getting married in may and someone else heard about this lil project I have taken on asked if I'd make up some examples and she'd possibly hire me to make hers- what an awesome thing- so I was thinking of going into small business making wedding invitations/b-day invites/and announcements... Just a thought

~ on that note I head about a store that is possibly looking into opening in Med. Hat- It's called M & M meats (kinda like schwans in the states for all you Yankee's) They sell super yummy food... well there is an oppourtunity to open one here and I think i'd really enjoy it.

I'm sort of throwing these ideas around because I really want to go into business for myself someday- I always thought I wanted to be a teacher- but really I want to own my own business...

anyway- so my heart has been heavy and I've been weighing my options. Hopefully the light will come and I'll see it all clearly soon!!

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Pinktulip said...

Hi Alexa! I have been thinking about the same thing recently. You have some great ideas already. The owner of my local Scrapbook shop also makes invitations for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. She also does weddings. The invitations and table decorations. She makes good money from it. Depending on how good you are with Photoshop you could also design banners and logos for websites or even create digital scrapbook kits. Or you could create digital albums for people in photoshop. I look forward to see your business grow!