Saturday, March 21, 2009

~for my friend Rachel- ya I'm one of those moms too!!

I was laughing when I was reading my friend Rachel's blog because she lets her little angel rip the wipes from the container so that she can get a few things donw around the house... we'll just to let you know- I'm one of those moms too! I have been so busy holding miss snotty pants getting over a cold and also bursing myself that I finally set her down, opened the box & let her go to town... and I got a couple things done, including updating my blog! Look for a post about whats been going on in my life sooner than later!


Rachel said...

Oh that's too funny! :) So glad to know that I'm not the only one who resorts to this to get stuff done. :)
Can't wait to see her birthday pictures, how's the party planning coming along?

Kathryn and Cory said...

I hear ya! Oliver has got his first really bad cold. His nose and eyes are running all over the place! I almost think that I should just cover myself in wipes he as rubbed his nose on my sooo many times!